The freeroll party at 888poker is culminating in a huge $500,000 Kings Kamikaze Freeroll tonight with mutiple starting days to come.

Until the end of September, 888poker is still running multiple freerolls for their players in the Freeroll Splash Party, with three daily $1,000 freerolls on the menu as well as three $3,000 freerolls every Sunday.

This evening the biggest highlight of this freeroll series is due with the $500,000 Kings Kamikaze Freeroll, running with multiple starting days from September 23-27.

If you’re looking to qualify for the freerolls, you’ll have three different options every day, giving you the chance to win up to three tickets for the daily $1,000 freerolls:

  • Play MTTs at 888poker with buy-ins totalling $5 a day, including BLAST.
  • Win a cash game hand with an 8 in your hole cards, including SNAP.
  • Place bets worth $5 in total on sport events or in the casino.

If you’re able to complete at least five of these missions throughout a week, you’re rewarded with three tickets to the $3,000 Sunday freeroll of that week.

Everyone looking to still get into the big one these next days to take part in the huge $500,000 Kings Kamikaze Freeroll needs to have completed a total of at least 25 missions througout the entire promotion. Good luck if you made it!

freeroll splash party 888poker

  Name Date
Daily $1,000 Jacks Speedslide Freeroll Running 3 times daily (Mon-Sat)
Weekly $3,000 Queens Aqualoop Freeroll Running 3 times every Sunday
Once $500,000 Kings Kamikaze Freeroll September 23-27

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