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Slot Machine

88 Frenzy Fortune is a popular online slot game created by BetSoft, a prolific name in the online slot world. 88 Frenzy Fortune offers a simplistic yet sophisticated slot machine with multiple exciting features.

88 Frenzy Fortune Slot Review by the expert gamblers at Professional Rakeback

The premise of the game is quite simple. There is one single payline and three main reels. A special fourth reel may award one of a few unique bonuses after landing any winning combination.

If this game sounds interesting or appealing please feel free to continue reading our detailed analysis in this 88 Frenzy Fortune slot review.

Slot Design and Overview


88 Frenzy Fortune is a single line slot game with a fairly straightforward theme. If any win is landed on the payline, then the special fourth reel may come into play and trigger one of the exciting features.

One of the best features of this slot game is the large array of varying bet sizes. You can wager as little as $0.06 on a spin up to a high-roller-friendly $45 per spin.

The game has an excellent autoplay mechanism which allows you to set the reels to spin automatically without interruption. You can choose 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, or 100 spins to play automatically.

88 Frenzy Fortune has a generous Return to Player percentage of 96%. This is higher than many other games available online these days so you can be assured you are getting a fair gaming experience if you choose to try the 88 Frenzy Fortune slot.

88 Frenzy Fortune Slot88 Frenzy Fortune slot gameplay

The main theme of the game revolves around the number 88. This is reflected in the fourth reel bonuses which can award multipliers, respins, and credit award wins.

Winning Combinations and Paytable

Money Bag

Since this is a one line slot game, which is somewhat rare in this day and age, landing a win is pretty simple. You’ll need to land three symbols across the payline to win and potentially activate a special fourth reel bonus.

The pay symbols are comprised of fish and eights. The lower paying symbols are a fish symbol and a symbol with two fish. The higher paying symbols are the silver, gold, and orange 88s.

88 Frenzy Fortune Slot Paytable88 Frenzy Fortune slot paytable

Landing any three unmatched symbols will award a win equal to your wager. Landing three unmatched fish symbols, like two single fishes and one double fish, will award a win of 2x your wager.

Landing three unmatched 88s across the payline will award a win equal to 6x your total wager. Three matching single fish symbols will also award the same 6x win.

Landing three matching double fish symbols will award a win of 12.67x your wager. Three matching silver 88s will pay 22.67x your bet. Three matching gold sevens will pay 56x your bet while three matching orange 88s is the highest paying combination paying a whopping 296x your bet.

Fourth Reel Bonuses

Two Gears

To trigger one of the special fourth reel bonuses you’ll first need to land any line win across the first three reels. Anytime a win is landed on the first three reels, a fourth reel bonus may be triggered.

The first and perhaps the simplest feature is a multiplier. You can land a 2x, 5x, or 8x multiplier that will apply to any line win landed across the first three reels.

The next feature is an instant win feature. You may land either an 8x win or an 18x win. This win is based on the total amount of your wager.

The final feature is a respin feature. If a respin feature is activated, the previous win will be replicated awarding the same win. The win may also be multiplied up to 4x. This respin feature can occur up to a maximum of five times in a row.

88 Frenzy Fortune Slot Respin88 Frenzy Fortune slot respin feature

88 Frenzy Fortune Mobile Play


As is the case with most online slots nowadays, 88 Frenzy Fortune is fully compatible with a wide variety of computing devices, including tablets and smartphones.

88 Frenzy Fortune Slot Mobile Gameplay88 Frenzy Fortune gameplay on an iPhone 11

The gameplay and graphics are seamless on a mobile device so you can spin the reels of this exciting slot from at home or on the go.


Book and Spectacles

88 Frenzy Fortune is a highly enjoyable slot with a captivating theme, excellent gameplay, and exciting bonus features that can be activated in the fourth reel.

In this day and age, there are so many multi-line slots that are similar to one another. This helps make 88 Frenzy Fortune, a single-line slot, stand out in the crowd.

If you enjoy playing slots and want to try something a bit different, 88 Frenzy Fortune is a solid option. We thoroughly enjoyed our trials in testing the game and strongly recommend giving it a shot.

Where to Play 88 Frenzy Fortune?

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The 88 Frenzy Fortune slot game is available at many online casinos. Some of our favorite reputable sites offering this game include Bovada and its sister sites. BetOnline and its partner sites also feature this game.

Below, we have included a list of our favorite sites to play 88 Frenzy Fortune. Clicking on any brand included below will bring you to a thorough review detailing what each site has to offer, including game lists, bonuses, and much more.

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