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19 Sep

ACR Poker’s Elite Benefits Program is one of the most generous that is found in the online poker space. Players rise through the ranks and earn increasing rewards and cash bonuses. It is simply perfect for both casual players and hardened pros.

ACR Poker’s Elite Benefits program ranks

As soon as a player has played a single hand on ACR Poker, they will automatically be enrolled into the Elite Benefits program. As more hands are played and rake is paid, players rise up the “chain of command” to improve the rate at which bonuses are paid out.

High-volume benefit the most, progressing through the ranks and receiving generous payouts and cash bonuses. All ACR Poker players are well looked after.

“All new recruits immediately obtain the Elite Benefits Program rank of Lieutenant. But to climb the ladder, you’ll need to acquire Rank Points (RPs). For every $1 spent in rake or tournament entry fees, you’ll earn exactly 5.5 RPs. It’s also possible to collect fractional RPs.”

Loyalty Level Rank Rank Point Requirement
1 Lieutenant None (Default)
2 Captain 750 per month
3 Major 3,000 per month
4 Colonel 7,500 per month
5 General 100,000 in calendar year
6 5-Star General 1,000,000 in calendar year

Once General and 5-Star General ranks are achieved, the player maintains that level of rewards until the following March 1.

Combat points

As rank points are earned, combat points are accumulated. This is the Elites Benefits currency from which cash bonuses are unlocked. As rank point milestones are passed, cash bonuses are automatically deposited to the player.

Rank RP to CP Ratio
Lieutenant 1 RP : 1 CP
Captain 1 RP : 1.5 CP
Major 1 RP : 2 CPs
Colonel 1 RP : 2.5 CPs
General 1 RP : 3.5 CPs
5-Star General 1 RP : 5 CPs

Exclusive promotions and tournaments on ACR Poker

ACR Poker isn’t just about grinding for the generous benefits that come with the loyalty scheme. There is a wide range of games spread 24/7 along with countless promotions and major events laid on throughout the year.

The Online Super Series (OSS) is a fan favourite where we often see the multi-million dollar guaranteed Venom tournament attracting the game’s best.

Currently, it’s all about the High Stakes Adventure. Already this year ACR Poker has sent players to Vietnam, Cyprus, and London. Now, players are about to battle to see who gets a $110,000 package to travel to Monte Carlo.

There’s always something going on on ACR Poker to suit every kind of player.

If this sounds like it’s for you, then jump right in and start collecting cash bonuses right frmo the get go.

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