Collin Moshman & honigmund review the $10,300 SCOOP Main Event with the luxury of seeing all the hole cards of the players. coach i

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Our SNG Guru CollinMoshman is joined once again by honigmund38 for what is becoming a new tradition every time a major COOP festival takes place. 

They are reviewing the final table of the $10,300 SCOOP Main Event where a seven-figure prize awaited the winner. 

All hole cards are revealed at this final table so the guys get to do an even more detailed analysis than usual as they review some of the best online players in the world at arguably the toughest online poker tournament of the year.

This is part 1 of a 2 part video, stay tuned for the next release coming very soon. 

You can learn more about Collin and ask him questions directly about his videos in his Sit ‘N’ Go Crushers Academy thread here at 

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