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In any facet of society, one can find the best people, the worst people, or those who reside somewhere between those to extremes, and the same can be said about the poker world. While some poker pros are true ambassadors of the game and look to improve it for future generations of poker players, others try to cheat the system for their own personal gain.

In a recent TwoPlusTwo Forum post, users discussed a twitter thread started by Chris “Apotheosis” Kruk who spoke out about people cheating and scamming in the poker world. High stakes online grinder Bert “Girafganger” Stevens also chimed in to speak his piece about the state of the poker world.
Kruk initially tweeted expressing how he felt about the status of cheaters and scammers in poker.

When asked what exactly he was tweeting about, Kruk went on to give some specifics.

Real Time Assistance

One issue Kruk pointed to was players making use of real time assistance (RTA) software while playing high stakes tournaments. Commonly known as solvers, RTA software allows players to input hand data and figure out the most optimal play in real time.

With the recent advent of artificial intelligence, RTA software has become a real issue in the online poker world. Last year, the biggest cheating scandal to impact GGPoker involved players using solvers. The popular online poker room banned thirteen accounts and refunded over $1 million to players affected.

According to Kruk, there are still players illegally using solvers. Giraf also chimed in. According to him, the cheaters who were outed on GGPoker are allegedly still playing on partypoker and PokerStars.

Ghosting, Team Viewers and Multi-Accounting

Although some players are banned from a poker site once it’s discovered they were cheating, they can still return to the site with a new account. It’s commonly referred to as multi-accounting, and Kruk stated that it is a big issue.

Kruk was also outspoken when it came to other forms of cheating in online poker. Ghost tabling, a form of cheating where poker coaches will finish out a tournament for a student who runs deep, is a real issue according to Kruk.
Coaches are able to tune in to the players tournament via apps like TeamViewer or Skype and tell them exactly what to do and when to do it. According to Giraf, a notorious ghoster was made a PokerStars pro.

“But for example, PokerStars made the biggest ghoster in the history of the game a Stars pro,” he said. “Rafael Moraes [has been] running a slave/ghost stable for year now and no one cares.”



This year’s WSOP returned to live play after COVID made last year’s series an online event. With the return, Las Vegas casinos required proof of vaccination upon entry. Kruk said he had heard of players using fake vaccination passports and even playing while they knowingly had COVID.

Kruk also spoke about players selling action at insanely high mark-ups and people selling poker training content despite having little to no success in the game.

It seems as if Kruk had reached a tipping point and had to get the word out there and discuss these topics with other people. The question remains, however: if there’s this much cheating in online poker, is there a way to truly get rid of it all?

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