In this article, you will learn about the different casinos’ dress codes and how to dress according to each type. We’ll provide you with a list of acceptable clothing options for each. We will also talk about the things you should avoid wearing at gambling establishments.

Casinos Dress Code – Different Types

Most gambling establishments have a strict dress code which you must follow to enter the premises. It differs from one place to another for a number of reasons. For example, you will be expected to wear formal clothing at upscale casinos, like The Venetian Macau. Below, we have listed the main casino dress codes:

Casino chains like the Genting have a business casual dress code for casino visitors. So, you can put them on your list if you want to wear a shirt with jeans and smart sneakers. In our experience, gambling establishments do not accept players wearing athleisure wear. But if you want to wear sweats while gambling, you can do that at any of the best gambling sites in the UK.

White Tie Dress Code for Casino Establishments

Starting with the most formal of the casinos’ dress code – white tie. It is reserved for events of utmost importance, such as formal royalty gatherings and high-dollar benefits. Both ladies and gents are expected to wear very conservative and high-end pieces. Here is what men and women should wear at a white tie event at a casino:

🤵 Fitted black dress coat with tails 👸 Floor-length gown or ballgown
🤵 Matching trousers with satin stripe 👸 Sophisticated jewellery
🤵 Wing collars 👸 Small purse
🤵 Shirt studs and cuff links 👸 White gloves (optional)
🤵 White vest 👸 Fur wraps (optional)
🤵 White bow tie 👸 Hairpieces (optional)
🤵 Black, patent leather shoes 👸 Tiaras (optional)

The white tie dress code, also known as a full evening dress, can be often seen in movies like James Bond. Even though we see agent 007 rocking a fitted black dress coat with tails in films, it is not common at casinos today. If you want to go to the gambling den in your town, you will fit nicely if you wear business formal or casual clothes – no need to get the family jewellery out.


Black-tie is the second most formal casino dress code. If you are headed to a luxurious high-end gambling establishment, like Kurhaus Baden Baden, you must wear the appropriate attire to enter. We strongly advise you to dress for casino visits according to the venue’s rules. So, consider wearing the following if you are going to a black-tie casino event:

🤵 Dinner jacket 👸 Floor-length gowns (preferred)
🤵 Matching trousers 👸 Elegant cocktail dresses
🤵 Tie or bowtie 👸 Fitted pantsuit
🤵 Black formal shoes 👸 Evening high heels
🤵 Black cocks 👸 Clean and elegant jewellery
🤵 Waistcoat and cummerbund (optional) 👸 Simple accessories
🤵 Dark rich colours (black, navy, burgundy) 👸 Dark rich colours (black, navy, burgundy)

Similar to the white tie, black tie is a conservative casino dress code. However, it gives men and women a bit more options. For example, men can wear a colourful suit, and women can choose from a few apparel options, such as gowns, cocktail dresses, and pantsuits. Basically, choose your outfit as if you are in the Casino Royal movie.

Black Tie Optional

We are moving to a bit more relaxed casino dress attire, the black-tie optional. As the name suggests, it is very similar to a black tie, with a few small differences. Most European gambling establishments require guests to dress in a black-tie optional, so make sure to include the below items in your outfit:

🤵 Dinner jacket (optional) 👸 Floor-length gowns
🤵 Matching trousers 👸 Elegant cocktail dresses (preferred)
🤵 Tie or bowtie 👸 Fitted pantsuit
🤵 Black formal shoes 👸 Evening high heels
🤵 Variety of dark-coloured suits 👸 Clean and elegant jewellery accessories
🤵 White dress shirt 👸 Dark, rich, or neutral colours (black, navy, burgundy, white, metallic, red)

While men and women have more attire options, black tie optional is still a conservative dress code, so dress accordingly. For example, men can wear dark suits instead of tuxedos. Additionally, women can choose between cocktail dresses, elegant separates (skirt and blouse), and evening gowns.

Business Formal

We recommend you opt-in for this casino attire if you are unsure about the dress code of the gambling establishment you are visiting. It could easily pass most formal requirements, and you won’t stand out if it’s a more relaxed atmosphere. Here is what to wear if you are ready to rock the business formal look at the casino:

🤵 Casual suit (wool or cashmere) 👸 Cocktail dresses
🤵 Trousers 👸 Elegant skirt with a blouse
🤵 Tie or bowtie (optional) 👸 Sandals or flats
🤵 Collared shirt 👸 Evening high heels
🤵 Leather shoes 👸 Slacks
🤵 Matching vest (optional) 👸 Jackets and blazers

Business casual covers the types of outfits you would normally see at the office. Men wear darker coloured suits with light button-down shirts, and vests and ties are optional. The ladies can wear elegant conservative-length dresses with jackets or blazers, with various smart shoes.

Business Casual

Business casual is the most popular dress code for casino establishments. It is very similar to business formal with a few minor differences. For example, men are not expected to wear ties, and women can skip stockings. Here is what you can wear if you are going to a casino with a business casual dress code:

🤵 Sports coat or a blazer 👸 Skirts, pants, and khakis
🤵 Slacks or khakis 👸 Collared shirts
🤵 Button-down shirt or collared shirt 👸 Blouses
🤵 Collared shirt 👸 Sweaters
🤵 Polo shirt 👸 Jackets
🤵 Loafers 👸 Blazers

Business casual is a very comfortable dress code that will allow you to spend the night moving freely. Besides, you can easily find suitable clothes in your wardrobe without shopping. While this is a relaxed and comfortable style, women are expected to cover their shoulders and avoid revealing clothes.


Last but not least, we have casual casino dress attire. This dress code is the least formal and allows you to dress the most freely. With that being said, there’re some expectations. You can’t just put on a tank top with sweat pants and head to the casino. Here is what you can wear at a casino with a casual dress code:

🤵 Jeans or khakis 👸 Sundress
🤵 Cargo (seasonal) 👸 Skirts (long and short)
🤵 Bermuda shorts (seasonal) 👸 Jeans or khakis
🤵 Plain T-shirt and polo or turtleneck shirt 👸 Shorts (seasonal)
🤵 Casual button-down shirt and/or sweater 👸 Plain T-shirt and a polo or turtleneck shirt
🤵 Loafers, sneakers, or sandals 👸 Casual button-down blouse

As you can see, the casual dress code requires you to wear smart and elegant outfits, something you would put on the first date, for example. We also recommend avoiding ripped jeans, athleisure wear, and provocative attire. Men and women can wear most of their everyday clothes at casinos with a casual dress code.

Things to Avoid Wearing at a Casino

In our experience, it is best to check the casino dress code in advance to avoid any inconvenient situations at the door. Additionally, we recommend you check if a list of clothing items is banned from the casino. For example, many gambling venues with business casual dress codes have banned t-shirts and shorts.

Men are not allowed to wear open-toe shoes in some places, whereas women can comfortably rock strappy sandals. As a general rule of thumb, avoid clothes you typically wear around the house, gym, or grocery store. Business casual is the most popular casino dress code and outfit idea, meaning that you can simply wear your office attire the next time you visit a gambling venue.

Popular Questions About Casino Attire

Hopefully, our article has helped you plan your casino outfit. Continue reading if you are eager to learn more about the casino dress codes. We have taken the extra time to prepare answers to the most popular questions asked by gamblers on the topic.

1️⃣ How should I dress for a casino?

Your casino attire should be matching the casino dress code type at the venue you are visiting. Most gambling establishments require you to wear formal business clothes to enter the premises. The safest option for men is to put on a dark-coloured suit and an elegant cocktail dress with a jacket for the ladies.

2️⃣ What do you wear to a casino night?

In our experience, it is best for men and women to follow the business casual casino dress code when visiting gambling establishments at night. In other words, you can wear comfortable yet elegant attire – a button-down shirt with nice jeans for men and a skirt with a blouse for ladies.

3️⃣ Can you wear casual clothes to a casino?

It depends on the type of gambling venue. Most Las Vegas casinos resorts have a casual dress code for the casino during the day. So, you can wear shorts and sandals. However, most European casinos have a strict dress code, so make sure to check if casual wear, like T-shirts, is allowed in advance.

4️⃣ What should I wear to a casino for the first time?

We strongly advise you to abide by the business formal dress code when visiting a casino for the first time. Men should dress for casino events with dark coloured suits with leather shoes and a button-down shirt, whereas ladies should choose an elegant evening dress with high heels.

5️⃣ What shouldn’t you wear to a casino?

Here is a list of casino dress attire to avoid: flip flops, sneakers, shorts, T-shirts, or ripped jeans. Remember that the rules vary from one gambling establishment to another, so we strongly encourage you to check the casino dress code to ensure your outfit is appropriate.

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