Chip-Tricks Performed by Stephen “Mr ChipTricks®” Au-Yeung (Legend of New Table Games®) | 世界第一 賭場桌面遊戲 發明家.

*** THE Founded of New Table Games:

1. Casino Hold’em® Christmas-Tree™ (Triple-Stack Shuffled) ©1996, Father of ALL Chip-Tricks.

2. Dave Devil-Fish Ulliott ©1997 (Mother of ALL Poker Nicknames).
Wikipedia:- The nickname was thought up by Stephen Au-Yeung in early 1997.
* David “Devil-Fish” Ulliott Enter Poker Hall of Fame.

** THE Inventor of:
1. Casino Hold’em® Poker™ ©2000 (Father of ALL Casino Poker).
THE FIRST Texas Hold’em against the Casino ©2000.
THE Number-1: Live-Dealer, Mobile & HTML/RNG Casino-Poker Play-Online.
The First Live-Dealer Online-Poker play in USA.
* MATH at Wizard of ODDS:
* FREE-Play Casino Hold’em® HTML™ on Mobile or PC.

2. Unlimited-21 Blackjack Auto-Splits® ©2006.
The First Blackjack for Unlimited-Players, where All-Players share a single Hand ©2006.
THE First Live-Dealer Unlimited® Blackjack™ Auto-Splits® Play-Online in USA.
* MATH at Wizard of ODDS:
* FREE Live-Dealer Unlimited® Blackjack™ Auto-Splits®:

3. Roulette-18® 輪盤十八™ ©2012:
In-partner with ABBIATI.
* GLI Approved:
* MATH at Wizard of ODDS:
* FREE-Play Roulette-18®.

4. Raise’em® Poker-Plus™ ©2012.
In-partner with TCS-JohnHuxley.
* The Number-1 Poker-Progressive in South-Africa with 150+ Tables.
* MATH at Wizard of ODDS:

5. Casino Hold’em® Jumbo-7® ©2017.
The First 7-Card Jackpot-Progressive for Poker.
In partnership with Evolution Gaming.
* MATH at Wizard of ODDS:

6. Caribbean Hold’em™ ©2003.
The Number-1 Hold’em-Progressive Online.
The First & Number-1 Hold’em-Progressive Play Online.
The First Mixed-Poker Link-Progressive.
* MATH at Wizard of ODDS:
* FREE-Play Caribbean Hold’em™.

7. Ten-20® Bonus-Blackjack™.
* GLI Approved:
* MATH at Wizard of Odds:

8. Contrast® Bonus-Baccarat™.
In-partner with ABBIATI.
In-partner with ABBIATI.
* MATH at Wizard of Odds: