Tournaments were paused, players stampeded out of the card room and Daniel Negreanu got injured during reports of a shooting in Vegas.

The WSOP concluded in chaos in the early hours of Sunday morning after reports of an active shooter in Las Vegas. The tournaments in the Paris poker room were paused and hundreds of panicked poker players stampeded out of the card room.

Thankfully it turned out to be a false alarm, with reports that rocks and/or fireworks had been thrown through the windows in the poker room. Sadly these incidents are always top of mind in the United States and, even though it turned out to be a false alarm, the reaction to it was almost as dangerous. 

As Boeree joked later, one poker player was particularly guilty of ‘fancy play syndrome’ when Galen Hall hid between two walls after kicking in a vent in the ceiling:


The incident also ended with Daniel Negreanu getting trampled on and it looks like quite severely injuring his hand (don’t open the image if you are squeamish):

A handful of bracelet events remain, some of which have been paused because of this incident. The final events play down to a winner tonight with the Tournament of Champions taking place on Monday. 

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