26 Sep

Daniel Negreanu took a small break from his frankly outrageous schedule to stir up a heated debate on Twitter. The six-time bracelet winner recently confirmed a crazily packed out WSOP on the site- easily upwards of 50 events.

It is pretty safe to assume Negreanu has been grinding as hard as ever. He nearly bagged his seventh WSOP bracelet with a third-place finish, back in July. Still, it seems he is in good spirits and managing to find time for some light-hearted fun.

He posted a poll on his Twitter in which he asked followers how a now 58-year-old Michael Jordan would fare in today’s NBA.

Now, if you are not hugely into the NBA (or perhaps a Brit like myself, who hasn’t the faintest clue whether or not 20 or 40 points in a basketball game would be considered impressive), you could quite understandably believe this was a genuine inquiry from the online poker legend.

However, greater basketball minds than I (that is, anyone who has ever watched a game of basketball), have concluded that this was indeed a ploy by Negreanu to get a rise out of some of his more opinionated followers.

The first hint that the post could be a troll was the additional condition he added to the question, that Jordan would be allowed to train for two weeks. It has been speculated that Negreanu was humorously referencing the time he stated he could beat $25/$50 online poker with two weeks of training.

The next “clue” was the fact the lowest option on the list was 20 points. Anyone seriously wondering how many points a retired 58-year-old would average in a season would probably give some options quite a bit lower than this.

A pretty significant portion of his fan-base took the post at face value- and were quick to point out the anomalies in the question Negreanu posed.

Negreanu replied:

“Yeah. 20 is the floor but with the game being so soft today 40 is more reasonable even at age 58.”

Clearly, he was enjoying the joke and quite intent on stoking the fire further with replies like this.

The poll received a good amount of interaction, gaining 795 comments, 410 retweets and 167 likes. On top of this, 29,927 people voted in the poll– 67% of these chose the lowest answer of 20 points. Just over 12% chose 40 points.

The comments Negreanu prompted were certainly highly entertaining. There is little the internet loves more than a good bit of trolling.

The World Poker Tour champion smugly, but good-heartedly, praised himself for a job well-done in a subsequent tweet.

I have to say I agree with him, and highly look forward to seeing his future poker endeavours and trolling efforts alike.

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