Given the big challenge Johnson will have next time trying to maintain as much as possible the Tory position from GE2019 Ed Davey closed his conference setting out clearly the threat his party poses in the “blue wall” seats like Chesham and Amersham.

The focus will be on 10-15 targets which all went Remain, where the party was in second place last time and in almost all cases where the electorate comprise a lot of graduates. He is aiming at the sort of CON voters who swung sharply to the party in the June by-election. The big question is whether there will be the same dynamic in a General Election.

He is helped by Starmer being the LAB leader who represents nothing like the negatives that Corbyn threatened at GE2019.

The problem for the Tories is how Johnson is seen by ABC1 Remain voters. Today’s Opinium poll has Johnson with a minus 40% approval rating with this segment and minus 36% rating with Remain C2DEs.

Mike Smithson

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