Was the first live version of the GGPoker format a fun addition to the schedule or did it hurt the legacy of the bracelet?

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DJ Alexander

It might become the most divisive bracelet event of all time, the first ever $1,000 Flip & Go tournament has ended with DJ Alexander taking it down for $180,665.

There were 1,240 entries in total, many of which coming from a small pool of players. The event mirrored the GGPoker format where the first table is an all-in shootout which then progresses to normal play already in the money. 

The format is popular online but because the first table is close to pure gambling, many have questioned whether it really deserves a place at the WSOP with one of the most coveted titles in the game going to the winner. However, as we expected, the all-in shootout stage at least made for some fun viral videos and sociable tables:

As well as the gambley nature of the event, this is one where it is plausible to argue the rich can ‘buy a bracelet’. Social media was full of poker players this week tweeting about how they had played 10-20 Flip stages. Indeed, the person mentioned below would have had to have come 6th to turn a profit:

David Peters made the final table but came 4th, a win from him would have been ironic, seeing one of the widely regarded best players of all time winning the least skilled bracelet event of all time. 

Will there be a Flip & Go event at the next WSOP? We wrote about this when the event was announced and as predicted it made for a fun, sociable atmosphere but the question is whether it harms the legacy of the bracelet. Rebuy events were shelved some time ago at the WSOP and they also had perhaps more gamble than was deemed ideal for a poker event. The numbers tend not to lie and with 1,240 entries the first time, we will probably see this event again if GGPoker are the lead sponsor. 

Elsewhere in the WSOP Phil Hellmuth made his third final table of the series in the $10,000 Stud Championship. Anthony Zinno took it down but the Poker Brat’s 4th place finish was enough to put him in 2nd place of the Player of the Year Race. 

Should Flip & Go be a bracelet event? Let us know in the comments:

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