If you can’t win, then there is no point in betting money and an online casino. This much is obvious, but there has been recent discussion about the possibility of live online roulette casinos cheating.

In a nutshell, yes there are blatantly dishonest online casinos. But there are also legitimate and honest online casinos. One example is online roulette at 888 casino.

How do you know if a casino is dishonest?

Firstly, Google for reviews. But do not consider all reviews the gospel truth, because they may be written by disgruntled players who made the mistake. A common complaint about online casinos is refusal of payouts. A payout refusal most often happens because the player didn’t read the terms of service. An example is deposit bonuses. The typical deposit bonus requires the player to wager a minimum amount of money, before they are eligible to receive or withdraw the bonus. So when considering reviews, carefully consider what the play is complaining about.

Secondly, give preference to online casinos which allow you to chat the dealer live. Some casinos only allow this when you are playing with real money. By chatting dealers live, and watching the game live, you can be sure that spins are not pre-recorded.

Recently on my roulette forum, One player remarked about a particular casino not showing the full spin. This occurred on only one particular spin, where the player made a loss. Naturally the player was upset, and quick to accuse the casino of cheating. But with any live game, small glitches and problems are likely to occur. This doesn’t mean the casino is cheating. Keep in mind it is particularly important for the casino to demonstrate trustworthiness. Especially with the big brand casinos, they are fully aware they will receive the occasional negative review. But with proper behavior and prompt payouts, the casino is likely to receive more positive than negative reviews. Of course even dishonest casinos can fraudulently post a positive reviews. So you can’t believe everything you read.

Screen-Record game outcomes

There are plenty of free screen recorders, which allow you to record every spin and activity while you play. So if you ever have a problem, you have something clear to complain about two casinos. In the case of the player on my forum, it’s quite difficult to complain about a particular spin if you have nothing to show the casino. But if you have a clear recording, and there was a problem, the chances are the casino will refund your bet.

Beware of rogue casinos

A Rogue casino is one that is unlicensed, and seemingly popped up out of nowhere. They are very easy to set up, and move to different website domains, once they are exposed as a scam. Avoiding them is as simple as conducting a careful search on Google for any complaints. But again, you cannot rely on reviews alone. So it is important to verify any licensing mentioned on the website. And of course, they may claim to have a license, or even pretend to be part of a larger licensed casino. This is another good reason to stick to the larger and better-known casinos.

Is a larger and better-known casino better?

Not always. And in fact, some of the largest casinos have refused payouts, and restricted consistent winners from playing particular games. I’d rather not name names here, but it is openly discussed on my roulette forums.

In my experience, you tend to get the best service and experience from the mid range casinos. In other words, casinos that aren’t too large or small. Perhaps this is because they are most eager to win your business. This is done by building a relationship of trust. After all, the casino wants you to keep coming back. Whereas a rogue casino only cares about the short-term scam. And a larger casino may have ample business, and therefore neglect to take care of their patrons. This is not to say that larger casinos don’t offer a good experience. It really depends on the individual casino and management.

RNG roulette vs live dealer roulette

RNG roulette Is basically a slot machine, not real roulette. The only real roulette consists of a live dealer, and a real roulette wheel and ball. Can you better slot machine? That depends on whether or not the random number generator is flawed. In fact, as per a recent article we wrote, Russian hackers have exploited a flaw in a very widespread slot machine. But to achieve this, they purchased the slot machine to study. You are not able to purchase the equipment used by online casinos because you don’t know what they use. Only the technicians know. Essentially they found the anomaly by crunching data. This involves analyzing tens of thousands of spins, or even more. A series of tests are conducted to check for anomalies that do not normally occur with truly random results. There is actually not a lot complicated about it. It’s more a matter of time and effort, and correctly coding computer programs to perform analysis for them. The exploit required players to monitor screen activity of the slot machine, then press the spin button at a particular moment in time.

When a glitch occurs

Don’t be so quick to jump the gun when one your winning bets isn’t paid out. Glitches occur in any software, Including that of live online casinos. This is because your bets need to synchronize with the server for confirmation. Sometimes, a packet of data may be dropped, and your bets may not be made in time. This is not the casinos fault. And it’s not something it can be easily avoided. While such glitches may lose you money, they may also save you money. This is because a glitch may prevent you from betting on a number that loses.

Playing it safe

To summarize:

  • Carefully research where you intend to play. Don’t just send your money based on flashy website design.
  • Don’t rely on just one review. Rely on many.
  • Check if the casino is licensed. Also check that the licence ins in a credible jurisdiction. Some jurisdiction have very lazy laws which don’t particularly protect players..
  • Screen record all spins. That way you have something to reference if a complaint is warranted.
  • Always give preference to live online roulette, where you can chat the dealer live.

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