END 2 END officials announced that they have recently received for its products in the United Kingdom and , two key markets for the company. The Bingo provider added new features to its Omnichannel Platform.

In a recent press release, “The Bingo Multiplayer Expert” announced that it has expanded its platform with new features, among which they included a wide range of promotions, including Bundle NxM, where users will have the chance to buy N bingo cards and pay for M bingo cards.

Furthermore, the new Sliding Card Price is included, where users will be able to pay a lower price per card as they acquire more bingo cards and the possibility of offering Free Tickets (or Free Cards) in several modalities and conditions established by the operator.

“In this way, END 2 END continues with the growth process of its 100% omnichannel platform, reaching the highest standards of quality and performance, to provide its operator clients with the best Multiplayer Bingo solution in the market,” the company explained.

For more information, the company’s executives can be contacted at [email protected].


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