auselmann has five leading UK-facing brands comprising: Merkur Slots and  Merkur Cashino AGCs, Beacon Bingo, Blueprint Operations and Regal Gaming and Leisure.

Welcoming Gauselmann UK, EUROMAT President, Jason Frost commented: “Alongside our 18 national member associations which are drawn from 12 European countries, EUROMAT also has key corporate members which provide a valuable ‘hands-on’ perspective of the challenges facing the supply chain as well as those impacting consumer-facing brands.

“With businesses involved in the creation of digital game content for pub, bingo and AGC, machine operating, money handling, as well as consumer-facing AGC and bingo brands – Gauselmann UK has commercial touch points across the land-based industry. In our representations and lobbying activities, it is invaluable to be able to draw on the experience of corporate members and I very much welcome and look forward to working alongside the team at Gauselmann UK.”

Sascha Blodau, General Manager Gauselmann (UK) said: “We look forward to being active members of EUROMAT and draw on the organisation’s vast knowledge and experience of representing our sector at EU-level. I also believe that with key team members such as Stefan Brauns (MD Merkur Casino International and CEO Praesepe), who has vast experience in both manufacturing and operating across a number of European markets, we will be able to make important contributions to the debates of the day that we all face in what is a highly regulated sector.” 

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