FansUnite Entertainment announced Thursday that its official white-label partner, MoneyLine Inc, an Ontario-based SaaS and gaming technology company providing gaming solutions in the European and overseas market, will be launching the online streaming and wagering portal in January 2022.

MoneyLine entered a licensing agreement with FansUnite to create a joint media and wagering platform that integrates the company’s wagering technology with streaming OTT content via web, Apple TV and mobile application.

The gaming portal will deliver an immersive user experience by offering live streaming services, robust odds, insights and aggregating of betting services through its mobile application.

In addition, the portal will offer several payment options including crypto and fiat currencies, which MoneyLine will reward users for PayPal and fiat conversions on the MoneyLine Network.

The platform will offer subscription-based premium streaming content and a customer acquisition-focused affiliate marketing business that operates in multiple betting jurisdictions. 

In an official press release, Scott Burton, CEO of FansUnite, spoke about this new milestone and said: “FansUnite is thrilled to serve as the technology provider for Moneyline as we celebrate the upcoming of their online sportsbook. Our full gaming solution for player management, risk, data, player verification, and esports betting, and iGaming will allow MoneyLine to offer their customers a top-tier experience from Day 1. Our highly scalable technology will be with MoneyLine as they deploy their multifaceted, cross-platform strategy.”

B. Michael Friedman, Founder of MoneyLine , added: “We are extremely excited to announce the of MoneyLine Sportsbook with our long time partner, FansUnite. It is our goal to build on the technology and licensed gaming platform of FansUnite as a streaming and gaming content provider, integrating our streaming OTT platform within this multibillion-dollar sector which is growing rapidly, but also converging. This opportunity will create the foundation and platform to build a global media and gaming technology company with technology and licensed content that separates us from the rest of the sector. As a public company, this rapidly growing sector is almost certain to increase in popularity and I believe is in the best interest for both current and new shareholders considering the current social climate.”

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