Official data technology and commercial partner powering , betting and media, Genius Sports, announced a landmark strategic partnership with the Canadian Football League, the second largest football league globally with over 100 years of history. The transaction is expected to become effective in January 2022.

Under the terms of the new , Genius will provide a wide range of technology and services that will enable the CFL to accelerate its growth plans and engage new audiences around the world. The company will also have the exclusive rights to commercialize the CFL’s official data worldwide and video content with sportsbooks in international markets, replicating the global distribution of its official betting products for the EPL and NFL, among others.

In addition to the official data rights agreement, Genius and the CFL have also agreed that Genius will acquire a minority stake in CFL Ventures, the new commercial arm of the League, allowing the company to benefit from its growth. 

This partnership will help facilitate the CFL’s audience expansion in the U.S., while extending its reach into new international markets.

“The CFL will be provided with one of the widest and most innovative data ecosystems in world sport, transforming its relationships with fans, sportsbooks and media in North America and globally”, Genius stated. The company will also bring together its recent acquisitions of Second Spectrum, Spirable, Fan Hub and Sportzcast.

The strengthening of CFL’s infrastructure includes live broadcast augmentation, advanced data tracking tools, highly targeted and personalized fan engagement solutions, cross-platform streaming capabilities, play-by-play and scoreboard data collection technology, coaching analytics product, and integrity services to safeguard the league. 

Randy Ambrosie, Commissioner of the Football League, said in an official press release: “Our partnership with Genius has the potential to launch a new era for the CFL. It provides access to the technology and tools we need to engage our existing fans, and reach new ones, in exciting, innovative and highly customized ways. This goes beyond transforming our marketing. It can redefine our relationship with fans, partners and other key stakeholders, here in Canada and globally.”

Mark Locke, CEO of Genius , commented: “By providing the CFL with an incredible range of technology solutions, Genius Sports is setting a new precedent for sports partnerships. Together, we will revolutionize the entire CFL product, delivering truly immersive experiences for their existing fans and attracting new audiences who crave year-round, top-flight football action.”

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