aming Innovation Group (GiG) announced on Thursday that it has extended its agreement with Malta-based gaming company DT9 Media LTD for the provision of its automated marketing compliance tool, Gig Comply

GIG’s self-serve compliance solution enables operators to scan web pages for content including links and iGaming code red words. It works by using its rules engine to analyze real snapshots from affiliates’ campaigns and provides operators with the promotional content that is being used in their brands’ promotions. 

GiG Comply will allow DT9 Media LTD to set up bespoke checklist parameters, which can be tailored to cover market-specific legislation and advertising standards. This, according to a statement released by the company, “will allow DT9 Media LTD to ensure that partners are aligned with their vision and mission, further ensuring they remain compliant and safeguard their partner’s licenses”. 

In an official press release, Jonas Warrer, CMO at GiG spoke about this extension and said: “ We are happy to extend our partnership with DT9 Media LTD and look forward to continuing to support them in their efforts to enhance their affiliate marketing compliance. The growing demand for GiG Comply is a clear sign that we have created a compliance solution that is recognised as the go-to compliance tool within the iGaming industry”.

Managing and Finance Director of DT9 Media, Andrea Centore, added:  “As an affiliation company we are constantly striving to enhance our affiliate marketing compliance. GiG Comply has proven to be the perfect solution to monitor the traffic sources of our affiliation network and we are thrilled to extend our partnership with GiG Media.” 

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