ptimove, provider of the Relationship Marketing Hub, announced on Thursday the extension of its partnership with GVC Holdings, to serve as its enterprise CRM and player marketing vendor, across all of its brands, globally, for the next 5 years.

GVC Holdings, owner of household brands across the globe, is the leading operator in the global online gaming space. GVC made the strategic decision to base its entire enterprise CRM strategy on Optimove’s software and services, by extending the partnership between the parties to cover all of GVC’s global portfolio, including Ladbrokes Coral UK, Ladbrokes Australia, and Neds, for the next 5 years.

Optimove enables GVC’s CRM Marketing operations to autonomously transform player data into actionable insights, helping drive measurable growth. Optimove’s technology suite enables GVC the smart orchestration, measurement, and optimization of highly personalized multi-channel campaigns, at scale, resulting in improved customer experience, retention, and lifetime value.

Additionally, GVC has also decided to adopt Optimove’s real-time products, in order to support real-time marketing use cases, including self-optimizing player journeys, serving the most effective marketing treatment to any player, at any given time, as well as event-based marketing, such as serving contextualized marketing communication on odds changes, VIP status updates, jackpot status, and balance drops.

This partnership extension comes off the back of GVC’s continuous success leveraging Optimove’s technology, resulting in a 16% increase in average deposit amount, 81% increase in average casino bet amount, 39% increase in customer average future value, and a 16% decrease in player churn.

“Optimove proved to be the ultimate partner to help to achieve our aspirational CRM and player marketing goals,” said Simon Gatenby, Performance Marketing, CRM, and Group Martech Director at GVC Holdings. “We are confident that extending this strategic partnership with Optimove to our entire, global portfolio for the next 5 years, and incorporating Optimove’s real-time technology, will yield mutual success, and keep our CRM efforts ahead of the curve.”

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with all GVC properties, further cementing the group’s position as a leader in its space,” said Pini Yakuel, Optimove’s Founder and CEO. “Throughout the years working together with the GVC brands, we’ve been able to generate industry-leading CRM practices. We strive to continue powering GVC’s player marketing, maintaining its place as a strategic, competitive advantage of the entire group.”

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