A $2/$5 recreational player took his shot in a $25,000 PLO tournament against the best in the world and won it for over $300k

Image courtesy of PokerGo.com

We have already covered the Poker Masters which ended last weekend but this one story which slipped under the radar was too good not to share. 

Poker sadly does not get many ‘Moneymaker’ style stories of amatuer players beating the professionals at their own game. That’s just what Miles Rampel did last week. 

He had never had a live recorded cash before but decided to take a shot at the $25,000 PLO event of the Poker Masters. Despite being against 42 of the best players in the world and a final table that included Ben Lamb, Jeremy Ausmus and Stephen Chidwick, he took it down for $365,500.

“I’ve been playing $1-2 and $2-5 no-limit [hold’em] for 10 years, starting in college,” Rampel told PokerGO. “I went to UCSB so I played at the Chumash Casino in a little $60 max buy-in $1-2 game. I started playing PLO this year and enjoyed it a lot. It’s fun to think a little bit more. Then my friends and I just came to Las Vegas on a whim and saw that this tournament was here. I thought, ‘You know what, I’ll take a shot.’ On the morning of registration, I was hemming and hawing thinking I didn’t want to start the trip stuck $25,000 with it being all pros, but I said, ‘You know what? I’ll register.’ Lots and ups and downs.”

It wasn’t quite the rags to riches story a lot of us hope will lead to a huge viral sensation. A quick Google search suggests that Rampel is an Angel Investor and likely can easily afford the nosebleed buy-in. But it is an all-important reminder that what makes this game special is the fact that amateurs can and do beat the professionals on their day. 

What is your favourite ‘Moneymakler story’ of an amateur beating the professionals? Let us know in the comments:

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