For those us who believe in egalitarianism and democracy, having an unelected head of state is an obscenity, after all we wouldn’t accept hereditary doctors or prime ministers? There’s hope that when Prince Charles ascends to the throne he will do more for ending the monarchy in this country since Richard Cromwell.

Whilst Prince Charles has correctly assessed Priti Patel’s Rwandan policy is awful he really should keep his thoughts to himself, it is a disturbing trend from the Royals recently, who can forget his mother’s disgracefully partisan intervention in the Scottish independence referendum? Unionists would have been moaning like Scot Nats if the Queen had intervened in a pro secessionist way, or Brexiteers if she had used the exact phrase days before the Brexit referendum?

What Boris Johnson and his government have shown is a high level of contempt of anyone who attempts to stymie or criticise their plans. With Priti Patel being the sort of person who would unplug your life support machine just so she could charge her mobile phone criticising her signature policy seems like a mistake. You really don’t want to cross this government as we can see with the attempts to castrate an independent judiciary, or the BBC and Channel 4 as other examples.

Also the way Nadine Dorries went Jeremy Hunt earlier on this week means that if Prince Charles starts making more criticisms about the government I’d fully expect her to try and metaphorically kneecap Prince Charles, I can imagine her saying something like ‘Prince Charles is a posh boy who doesn’t know the price of milk.’

It is also personal, The Sunday Times are reporting ‘A rift is said to have developed between Charles and Boris Johnson because of the prime minister’s “disrespectful” behaviour during the men’s first meeting.’ I find this quite odd, you would have thought the pair of hypocritical adulterers would have got on very well.

The Sunday Times also report that ‘Cabinet ministers have fired a warning shot at the Prince of Wales, who they fear will plunge the country into a constitutional crisis if he continues to meddle in government business when he becomes king.’

The country has recently shown an appetite for getting rid of our unelected rulers which leads to this betting market from Smarkets.

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Is Prince Charles a Secret Republican? – 2

The time frame here is very unattractive, if the market was within ten years of Prince Charles becoming King then I might be interested, the fact that No is 1.0001 then you’d want something more commensurate with those odds on the Yes side rather than the 20 currently available which makes it a second red flag to avoid this market.

If the Royals and monarchists are so convinced about the popularity of the monarchy why not test it at the ballot box? Surely Her Majesty and her successors will win? Is the monarchy something else Boris Johnson is prepared to sacrifice in his attempt to remain Prime Minister and potential world king?


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