Baltimore Ravens are on their way to Jacksonville this Sunday to play the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, 27th November, at the AA Bank Field, Jacksonville, Florida. The Ravens are being backed as 4-point favourites for this game, with the total set at 46.5.

Let’s look at the performance of the two teams during the season to assess what can be expected from Sunday’s game.

Baltimore Ravens Statistics

The Baltimore Ravens have a record of 7-3 for the season so far. The team played its last match against the Carolina Panthers and won by a score of 13:3. On the offensive, the team has the second-highest rushing average in the league via the ground with a yardage of 162.8 yards per contest. Overall, they have raked in a total of 3502 yards in the season. The team’s scoring average so far in the season is 24.8.

In terms of defence, the Ravens are in 10th place in the league, conceding an average of 19.9 points per game. They have conceded 864 rushing yards while their yardage via the pass is 2498, which puts them in 26th place in the league. Overall, the Ravens have allowed an average of 336.2 yards per contest, which places them in 15th place in the NFL.

Jacksonville Jaguars Statistics

The Jacksonville Jaguars come into Sunday’s game with a record of 3-7 for the season. The last time the team stepped into the field was to play against the Chiefs, where they lost after scoring 17 points in response to the opponents’ 27 points. It has not been an ideal run for the Jaguars; however, here is a brief summary of their current stats.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have scored an average of 21.6 points per game, earning them 19th place in the league. The team is averaging a yardage of 362.2 yards per contest which places them in 9th place in the NFL. The Jaguars have recorded an average of 139.6 yards per game via the rush and have run for a total of 1396 yards in the ten games. For the passing yards, the team has an average of 222.6 passing yards, making a total of 2226 passing yards, which puts them in 18th place in the league. 

The Jaguars’ defence has conceded 20.5 points on average and 205 points in total, earning 14th place in the league. Via the pass, the team has surrendered around 247.6 yards per game, putting them in the 24th spot. Additionally, the Jaguars have conceded a total of 1101 rushing yards making an average of 110.1 yards per outing. 

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Baltimore Ravens Prediction

In regular season play, the Baltimore Ravens are all-time 10-12 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, while as a road team, their record has been 3-7. However, the last time the Jaguars won a game against the Ravens was in 2017, while their last match in 2020 resulted in a win for the Ravens. Hence, if we consider their head-to-head current records and season stats, the Ravens are rightly backed as the potential winners for the Sunday game.

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