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Johnson could face a confidence vote from the Tory grassroots – 2

In an excellent piece in the I the paper’s Chief Political Commentator, Paul Waugh, sets out the mechanics of how Johnson could face a confidence vote from the Tory grassroots.

According to Waugh under an obscure clause in the party’s constitution “ just 65 constituency chairmen are needed to trigger an Extraordinary General Meeting of the National Conservative Convention (NCC), the 800-strong body that represents the Tory grassroots.”

Such a vote would not be binding on Johnson but it would clearly have a huge impact and its symbolism would be huge. The whole process of getting the signatures of 65 constituency chairmen would be followed avidly by the political media which has clearly sensed blood.

Is this likely to happen? My reading of Waugh is that there must be a distinct possibility. You can get more than 5/2 on Betfair that Johnson will be out this year. I’ve had a small punt.

Mike Smithson

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