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Johnson’s Nightmare November continues with another bad poll – 2

CON 37%-2 LAB 36%+2 LD 10%+1 GRN 4%

Yet another pollster, Survation, has the Tories losing their poll lead although it has the main parties level pegging.

The real meat of the poll which should worry Number 10 are perceptions about integrity and honesty which have been sparked off by the botched handling of Owen Paterson.

On the reputation of the Government, 59% said they do not believe the government upholds the Nolan principle of integrity, and 62% do not believe it upholds the principle of honesty. 

Of potential concern for Johnson is the finding that the verdict of Conservative 2019 voters on standards is also poor. Around half (49%) of CON GE2019 voters do not believe that the current government upholds values of honesty and integrity. A minority (35% and 32% respectively) believed that they do, with the balance saying don’t know.

Looking at the detail 66% of pensioners (a key Tory-supporting group) think the Government does not uphold the principle of integrity. On top of that more than half (56%) of Leave voters think the Government does not uphold integrity.

These are not good numbers and I just wonder how Johnson gets out of this hole.

Mike Smithson

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