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06 Sep


Deeb responded to Cristos’ request to apologise to Jesse Lonis for charging 1.3 markup in WSOP $3K events, by telling him “it’s not going to end well for you,” if he continued the confrontation.

It was such a throw-away comment from Deeb that he didn’t even have a clue what Cristos’ message was about.

But then the warnings about what might be coming started to flood in.

Jennifer Newell was particularly blunt:

“Jordan is a known stalker, has harassed numerous women in poker, and regularly threatens to harm or kill people. If he has his sights set on you, go to the police, please. They have a substantial file on him already.”

She added an allegation that Cristos is banned “from most poker rooms in Vegas.”

Things then ramped up a gear when a court record was posted about a case related to domestic violence. Deeb then called him out on it, along with an accusation of extreme drug use, which earned him another death threat.

“Oh I’m aware he’s got that brain busto from drugs style but I’m still curious what he’s referencing”

Somebody did point out that Deeb’s phrasing of this “won’t end well for you,” was provocative but Cristos obviously overreacted.

Maybe a storm in a teacup, but it’s not every day we see threats such as this between poker players.

“You do say “things won’t end well for you, if you take that approach” a lot but you are usually saying it about Allen Kessler’s food choices or playing double suited J8 or whatever or lending out money or being friends with certain people. Perhaps he took it out of context.”

Christos’ notorious tanking tactics were also brought up as a reason for his perpetual anger, having attracted a plethora of criticism over the years. The Wynn poker room even banned him over this.

One of the final comments was a recommendation to seek help.

“Cristos was good for a laugh a few years ago. It’s not funny anymore. JC needs serious help for himself and his family. I have personally begged him to get help. Be careful. Jordan please go get help and seek forgiveness later. The community will forgive you but you need help.”

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