Creating a client vote has consequences.

Just one poll but those who backed a Labour poll lead in 2021 will be smiling.

This poll is quite the eye opener and reputation shredder for the PM and the Conservatives if other pollsters show something similar.

From The Times write up of this poll

Less than a third of voters think Johnson and the Conservatives care about improving the NHS compared with more than half who do not, despite the fact the health service will receive the bulk of the £36 billion raised by the tax over the next three years. Only 1 per cent of voters — including the over-65s — believe the plans to fund an overhaul of social care will leave them better off….

…The poll also reveals a stark generational divide. Less than half of those under 50 now believe that the taxes they pay fairly reflect the public services they receive compared with 60 per cent of those past retirement age.

Hopefully we see more polls in the next few days to see if YouGov are a harbinger or an outlier. As The Times note the Conservatives had an 18% lead a few months ago. I suspect Boris Johnson’s ratings are going to take quite the hit as well. Is this Boris Johnson’s dementia tax moment?


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