ccording to Domenico Mazzola, Altenar‘s Commercial Director, the coronavirus pandemic is driving the harmonization of the Colombian gaming industry: “New verticals are now available to be offered to Colombian players and this trend probably will continue during 2021 as well. The industry is growing as international operators partner with local ones. The online industry is in good shape.”

Alternar was one of the companies that participated in the GAT Virtual Expo as Colombia “is certainly a key jurisdiction for us,” Mazzola explained. “We are looking to expand our presence in the region despite being already the supplier of one of the top two operators in the country (Wplay).”

As regards the virtual expo, Mazzola believes it is of great importance to keep an open debate space in the gambling industry, especially in the Colombian market which “has been proved to be one of the most successful ones in the last recent years,” he said. “GAT Virtual Expo gave us the opportunity to be in that space connecting with experienced stakeholders, creating new connections, and new business opportunities.”

“LatAm jurisdictions must try their best to find the right balance between Responsible Gambling, Player Protection, and business opportunities for licensed operators. I would advise them not to copy the European model as in many European countries local regulators, with their ineffective laws, are pushing more and more legal operators to withdraw their licenses or leave territories in favor of an increased illegal offering,” Mazzola concluded.

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