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Learn to Play Blackjack in Vegas or any Casino – learn Gaming
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Lose less and have more fun by ditching the slots and learning to play correctly at the Blackjack table
explain the probability of profit in the game of Blackjack vs. Slot Machines,walk up to a Blackjack table, make a bet and complete one shoot of game play,make a decision on each hand that gives them the highest probability of winning,double down or split when appropriate, assess the quality of side bets and play with the dealer,assess their profit or loss and exit the game correctly
Basic knowledge of playing card values,TradeUp Today brings you another way to improve your life with this course. This course is designed to teach you the best way to Blackjack. If you have played and lost at Blackjack before you will learn strategies which will dramatically increase your probabilities of winning and allow you to play for a long time with little money.,This course is short enough to watch on your flight to Vegas or if you have minimal time just download the handouts and take them with you to the casino!,If you are intimidated by table games and spend most of your time at the slots this course will take away that intimidation and let you play with confidence.,Through a series of video lectures and self quizzes you will learn everything about playing Blackjack in Vegas including:,Each section of this course come complete with handouts you can print out and take with you to the casino as well as self quizzes to assess your knowledge of the material.,So many people walk up to the Blackjack table and walk away a few minutes later having lost all their money. For the price of a couple of losing Blackjack hands you can finally turn that losing streak around, have a lot more fun and spend a lot less money at the Casino,Enroll now and TradeUp your Blackjack playing experience today!,people who have never played Blackjack beforepeople interested in learning the basic strategy of Blackjackpeople that are interested in starting to card countpeople that are intimidated by table games at casinos,people who have never played Blackjack before,people interested in learning the basic strategy of Blackjack,people that are interested in starting to card count,people that are intimidated by table games at casinos