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Hi, thanks for watching our video about Winning at Blackjack: The Essential Fundamental Strategy Guide!

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In this video, I present a new demonstration of the fundamental , one of the most popular strategies used to win at blackjack. Now, remember, of course, that no strategy is foolproof, as I explain in the video. So, in this video, I analyze this system, examining whether it works or not, its merits, and advantages.

00:00 – Disclaimer
00:11 – Video Preview
00:33 – Introduction
00:58 – Explanation of the Fundamental
05:33 – Quick Play
06:55 – How much did I win? Does the method work?
07:25 – Conclusions
08:20 – End Credits
08:39 – Closing Note

Lucky Rolls is an educational channel about gambling. On this channel, I share information about various methods to win at roulette, blackjack, and other casino games, as well as provide details and comparisons of available bonuses and casinos.



The fundamental is not only used on its own but also serves as the foundation for various advanced methods, such as card counting. So, for card counting, the fundamental system is used as the base. This system operates very simply: it follows a pattern that tells us whether to hit or stand based on the situation. The pattern relies on statistics, meaning it analyzes the cards that could be drawn, compares them to the cards already dealt that we know, and determines the percentage of cards that could lead us to bust or lose and those that could help us win. Based on this calculation, it advises whether to take a hit and risk it or to stand as is but risk the dealer getting a higher number. Of course, the pattern is not infallible; it often makes mistakes as it’s purely theoretical. Therefore, I alternate it with the doubling method, which, of course, also has its own risks. I explain all of this in great detail in the video.

Disclaimer: As always, it’s important to underscore that this is gambling, restricted to adults, and holds the potential for addiction. No method for any casino game, regardless of its short-term promise, guarantees a 100% success rate. Consequently, there’s always a risk of losing your entire balance. My advice is to deposit and play with an amount of money you can afford to lose, considering it as already spent from the outset. Any winnings should be regarded as a pleasant surprise. Remember, gambling isn’t a profession; it’s a form of entertainment and recreation. Thus, I recommend consistently approaching it in this manner, and when the enjoyment diminishes, it’s best to cease participation.

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