Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games in the world and the famous wheel is present in nearly every casino, live or online, you can find. The game’s popularity is somewhat strange as the odds are clearly against you as a player, but so many gamblers still choose roulette over slower games such as poker where skill is dominant.

For many years, gamblers around the world have been looking for ways to defeat roulette. Of course, many have tried to cheat the system and often with success, but this is not what we plan on dealing with today. Instead, let us look at some mathematical systems which can be used to beat roulette in the short term and potentially in the longer term as well. But these are quite different from the professional strategies explained on this site.

The Martingale System

The Martingale is one of the oldest and most popular gambling systems out there. Martingale includes starting with a small initial bet, betting either red or black for the next spin. When your roulette bet wins, you simply take the profit and do it again. If your bet loses, you bet the same color again, doubling the bet. You keep going until you win and then go back to the initial bet.

Playing Martingale ensures that when you eventually do win, you will be taking in the amount of your initial bet, no matter how many spins it will take. The problem with Martingale is that long stretches of same color spins are very possible and casinos do have betting limits. Additionally, at times it would take lots of money to win just a small amount, making the system’s value questionable.

However, in the short run Martingale can be very profitable and many gamblers have won decent amounts of money by betting roulette using this system.

Labouchere System

English aristocrat Henry Labouchere invented this system back in the 1800s with the intention of precisely beating the game of roulette. As you can tell, roulette has been around for a long time and people have been trying to beat it for centuries.

Labouchere system is similar to Martingale in a sense that it is a progressive system, but there is differences in how it works. Here is an example of betting using Labouchere system:

You pick three numbers in a sequence, for instance 1, 2, 3. Your initial bet should be the sum of the first and the last number, in this case 4 and you would bet on either red/black or odd/even. When you win, you would bet the remaining number which is 2. If you win again, you would stop playing, having won 6 units in total.

When you lose a bet, you should add the amount you have just lost to the end of the string. For instance, if you lose your first bet, your sequence will now appear as: 1, 2, 3, 4. Your next bet will again be first number + last number which in this case is 1 + 4 = 5. If you win, you will bet 2 + 3 = 5. If you win, you will have won 6 units once again.

As you can see, the system allows a player to win while risking somewhat less than the Martingale system. Labouchere system has been used by many gamblers with success through history. But it still cannot beat roulette in the long term.

Using The Bonuses

A very new type of mathematical exploitation of roulette can only be applied to online roulette games. Pretty much every online casino out there gives its players bonus money when they make their first deposit. These bonuses need to be played with before money can be withdrawn, but players can make use of the fact that roulette is a game with a very small casino edge and actually gain an advantage.

On average, a player will be losing only 2.7% of their bets per spin. This means that if you can make a calculation where you will reach your playthrough requirement before statistically losing the bonus amount, you could actually be winning just by playing with the bonus.

Of course, you could still win huge or lose the entire amount, but we are talking long term theory winnings. If you are interested in some casinos that award their players with generous deposit bonuses, you can check out Foxy Casino opinions right here and start playing with a bonus today.

Can Roulette Be Beat In The Long Term?

The roulette systems that were invented through the years do increase the chances of winning big in the short run, but beating it on a long term basis is a whole different story. Some modern scientists however, do believe they have found a way to beat roulette in the long run as well, using chaos theory as their starting point.

A group of scientists that includes Chi Kong Tse and Michael Small used the chaos theory to gain as much as a 9% edge over the house, which is of course huge for any gambling game. They used their theory on actual roulette wheels and claim it worked and the basic premise is that the initial conditions of the wheel can give you an advantage over the house as you can predict which half of the wheel the ball will fall into. Similar techniques are explored on this website.

Whether roulette can be beaten in the long run remains to be seen but if you are a fan of the theories, by all means go ahead and test them out. There is nothing to lose and roulette will never beat you for more than 2.7% either way.

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