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SunBet Poker Tour

Get ready for an exciting poker event in South Africa, as the SunBet Poker Tour starts off 2024 with a thrilling series at Time Square Casino in Pretoria, offering a guaranteed prize pool of R12 million (approx $630,000). This year’s series is not just longer but also more fun, lasting for 12 days from February 28 to March 10. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to poker, this event has something for everyone.

Guaranteed Events

The series begins with ‘Welcome To PTA,’ an event with an R8,000 buy-in and a guaranteed prize pool of R500,000. There are more guaranteed events, including the Business Persons Invitational with R2 million up for grabs, the High Roller event offering R1.5 million, and the Mega Million event with another R1.5 million guaranteed.

Adding mystery to the series is the MJPT Mystery Bounty Cup, a new event with an R1 million guarantee, including a big R300,000 mystery bounty. To take a shot at this exciting prize, players need to pay an R8,000 entry fee.

The Main Event is the crown jewel of the series and comes with a cool R5 million guarantee (approximately $260,000). There are four Day 1 starting flights, with the first kicking off on March 6. The PokerNews live reporting team will also have boots on the ground to bring you all the Main Event action.

Are you unfamiliar with Mystery Bounty tournaments? Click here to learn everything you need to know about this innovative poker format.

Club Championship and Unique Team Dynamic

The South African Club Championship has a new structure called shootout-freezeout. Teams can enter by bringing nine players, each paying R5,000, adding up to R45,000. Teams are encouraged to dress creatively, with a chance to win R45,000 for the best outfits. Outstanding team performance also comes with rewards, as the best-performing team can win an extra R135,000. Teams interested in joining can email [email protected].

Five of the Best South African Poker Players

Business-Persons Super High Roller Invitational

For a touch of glamour, there’s the Business-Persons Super High Roller Invitational. This exclusive event brings together high-profile businessmen and poker professionals, competing for big prizes and recognition. With a unique format, professionals and poker pros play separately on Day 1, then come together on March 2, 2024, to compete for victory.

Time Square Casino and The Maslow Time Square Hotel

The poker series takes place at the Time Square Casino in Pretoria, and players can stay at The Maslow Time Square Hotel. This hotel has been around since April 2018 and has 238 rooms and suites, making it a great place for business travelers.

Pretoria’s largest entertainment hub, Time Square at Menlyn Maine, houses the city’s biggest casino. With various gaming options, including roulette, blackjack, poker, and more, there’s something for everyone. Beyond gaming, visitors can dine at top-notch restaurants like Ocean Basket and Forti Grill & Bar or enjoy city views at The Lobby Room.

SunBet Poker Tour Pretoria Full Schedule

Date Time (SAST) Event Buy-In Guarantee
Feb 28 1 p.m. Welcome to Pretoria 1A R8,000 R500,000
Feb 28 7 p.m. Welcome to Pretoria 1B R8,000 R500,000
Feb 28 8 p.m. PLO5 with MJ R25,000
Feb 29 12 p.m. Welcome to Pretoria Day 2 R8,000 R500,000
Feb 29 7 p.m. Mega Million Day 1 R25,000 R1,500,000
Feb 29 8 p.m. PLO5 with MJ Day 2 R25,000
Mar 1 12 p.m. Mega Million Day 2 R25,000 R1,500,000
Mar 1 7 p.m. Main Event Mega Satellite   20 Seats GTD
Mar 2 11 a.m. Mega Million Day 3 R1,500,000
Mar 2 3 p.m. Supastak R10,000
Mar 2 7 p.m. Business Person’s Invitational Day 1 R125,000 R2,000,000
Mar 3 11 a.m. Business Person’s Invitational Day 1 R125,000 R2,000,000
Mar 3 12 p.m. South African Club Championships R45,000 (Per Team)
Mar 3 5 p.m. MJPT Mystery Bounty Cup 1A R8,000 R1,000,000
Mar 4 12 p.m. MJPT Mystery Bounty Cup 1B R8,000 R1,000,000
Mar 4 7 p.m. MJPT Mystery Bounty Cup 1C R8,000 R1,000,000
Mar 4 9 p.m. Hyper Turbo R5,000
Mar 5 12 p.m. MJPT Mystery Bounty Cup Day 2 R1,000,000
Mar 5 3 p.m. Little Slam Day 1 R5,000
Mar 5 7 p.m. High Roller Day 1 R50,000 R1,500,000
Mar 5 9 p.m. Hyper Turbo R5,000
Mar 6 11 a.m. High Roller Day 2 R50,000 R1,500,000
Mar 6 11 a.m. Little Slam Day 2 R5,000
Mar 6 12 p.m. Main Event Day 1A R15,000 R5,000,000
Mar 6 9 p.m. Hyper Turbo R5,000
Mar 7 11 a.m. High Roller Day 3 R1,500,000
Mar 7 12 p.m. Main Event Day 1B R15,000 R5,000,000
Mar 7 9 p.m. Hyper Turbo R5,000
Mar 8 11 a.m. Main Event Day 1C R15,000 R5,000,000
Mar 8 7 p.m. Main Event Day 1D R15,000 R5,000,000
Mar 9 12 p.m. Main Event Day 2 R5,000,000
Mar 9 4 p.m. Supastak 2 Day 1 R10,000 R500,000
Mar 9 9 p.m. Hyper Turbo R5,000
Mar 10 11 a.m. Main Event Day 2 R5,000,000
Mar 10 12 p.m. Supastak 2 Day 2 R10,000 R500,000
Mar 10 12 p.m. Super Turbo Bounty R5,000
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Calum Grant

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Calum has been a part of the PokerNews team since September 2021 after working in the UK energy sector. He played his first hand of poker in 2017 and immediately fell in love with the game. Calum’s proudest poker achievement is winning the only tournament he has ever played in Las Vegas, the prestigious $60 Flamingo evening event.

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