The retiree took no prisoners this last week on Twitter and challenged just about everybody who got in his way to a heads-up match.

We all know Doug Polk does not pull his punches when he is interacting with the poker world, but this last week a lot of poker fans have been surprised at just how uncompromising he has been on social media. On top of his usual beef with Daniel Negreanu, he has been trading insults and getting the backs up of almost anyone he comes into contact with.

This has manifested mostly in him extending his heads-up challenge to just about anyone, for example Matt Berkey, whom he has locked horns with many times before over the years:

That has extended to Berkey’s business partner at Solve4Why Christian Soto too, whom Polk called a coward. And just for fun, Luke Schwartz, who wasn’t even involved in the Twitter back and forth:

Many in the poker world leaped to the defence of Berkey and Soto, which doesn’t look like it was going to slow Polk down (this is a pretty good joke to be fair):

Many poker fans are calling this Polk’s ‘heel turn’, which is a wrestling reference for when one of the heroes turns bad and usually starts berating the fans. This is a tongue-in-cheek comparison, because a lot of Polk’s fans have been entertained by the whole spectacle and follow him for this exact reason. 

As Mike McDonald points out, for those who are surprised by Polk’s latest antics this is actually what he was always like, especially back when he was competing in the biggest heads-up games in the world. Indeed, it could be a sign that he is finding the fire in his belly for heads-up poker. His results seem to suggest so, as he won six-figures in a single session this week:

One odd piece of collateral damage from all of this was Norman Chad commenting on the upcoming match with Negreanu and subsequently getting blocked by Kid Poker. Chad has been a long time critic of Negreanu on social media and the two have been going at it a lot more since the lockdown. Needless to say, it looks like Chad will be cheering on Polk next month:

To put a full stop on the drama for now, Negreanu discussed at length the latest developments and details in next month’s heads-up match yesterday on DAT Poker Podcast, including the now infamous debate about preflop charts:

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