As land-based gaming activity in Central and the Caribbean developed and increased on a large scale in recent years, Novomatic has decided to boost the brand’s reach by consolidating the of those regions under the auspices of the Colombian .

In 2021, Colombia ranked in the top three of the land-based casino providers chosen most by Colombian operators; and according to regulatory body Coljuegos‘ reports, it has 12% of Colombia’s total machine park, a percentage that places it in a comfortable second place nationally.

Max Bauer, VP Latam & Caribbean, said: “ is fully committed to providing maximum service to its customers and therefore took the decision to boost its commercial activity in Central and the Caribbean by adding the excellent of the Colombian team.”

Recently, Novomatic Colombia deepened its efforts to consolidate a solid corporate strategy that benefits its customers, adding digitalization software and specialized suppliers to improve the operators’ experience. This initiative has yielded “very positive results” in Colombia and will now be applied in Central and the Caribbean. 

md 1645630387 max bauer novomaticMax Bauer, Novomatic VP Latam & Caribbean

“Comprising Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean under NOVOMATIC Colombia will not only create synergies and increase the team of professionals as well as the level of specialisation that currently serves our Central American and Caribbean customers. It will also add software and tools aimed at facilitating access to our products, reducing our pre and post sales service times, and enhancing the performance of our machines. With this strategic step, we seek to achieve a high impact differential for our customers in Central America and the Caribbean,” added Bauer.

Another key benefit of this new approach is that customers in Central America and the Caribbean will have unlimited access to the application. Apart from general product information, this web app brings together video tutorials and training for online consultation as well as downloadable software and updates; which, being available 24/7, provide the possibility to manage NOVOMATIC products according to the individual resources, schedules and preferences of each gaming floor and its team of professionals.

The Colombian subsidiary will also extend its market research and performance analysis to the new regions and streamline the order of spare parts to facilitate a quick response time and fast delivery via existing infrastructure and processes. 

“We are delighted with this new challenge,” said Manuel Del Sol, CEO of NOVOMATIC Gaming Colombia. “By merging our Central American subsidiary with NOVOMATIC Colombia, we seek to strengthen our customer-focused strategy. We have a highly committed team and modern digital tools that serve to optimise and streamline processes. Operators in this region will quickly see a significant enhancement in both quantitative and qualitative terms.”

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