On Betfair he’s 53% to Trump’s 45%

We are more than seven weeks away from the Presidential Election on November 3rd yet we can state with certainty that this will be be biggest political betting event there has ever been.

On the UK exchange, Betfair, a total of £82m+ has already been wagered on one market alone and that is just one bookmaker. All of the conventional firms and the spread betting companies have very active markets and by the time a winner has emerged hundreds of millions of pounds will have been bet.

The reason, of course, is Donald Trump who has been dominating the headlines almost since he was beat Hillary Clinton four years ago. His supporters are very enthusiastic while his opponents feel as strongly about him being booted out.

What is interesting of late is how little movement there has been in the betting. The polls have been pretty consistent since the virtual conventions and the next big event will be be first TV debate on September 29th – two weeks tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to the live betting that will take place during the event itself.

There is, of course, a wide range of bets which is being added to all the time.

Mike Smithson

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