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It has been a hugely exciting few years in slot development, with studios in a battle to innovate and come up with new mechanics. Big Time Gaming’s Megaways engine sparked this trend, and it has led to countless inventions that have helped push the evolution of slots forward.

NetEnt has always been a pioneer in the industry, and the Swedish studio recently came up with a concept that could rival the Megaways engine. The XXXtreme mechanic has already been featured in several new NetEnt titles, and it has been a hit with players. It certainly has the potential to spread through the slots market in the same way that the Megaways Engine did.

What is the XXXtreme Mechanic?

NetEnt’s XXXtreme mechanic is specifically aimed at high rollers who want to have a better chance at achieving big wins. It’s an optional feature, and players need to activate it before they spin the reels. To do this, they can pay ten times the standard bet to get one guaranteed wild symbol per spin. There’s also the option to stake 95 times the bet to get two guaranteed wilds per spin.

Playing XXXtreme spins is a high-risk, high-reward strategy that will appeal to some players. It makes each spin of the wheel much more expensive, but having the guaranteed wilds in play also makes wins more likely.

Where Can You Play XXXtreme Games?

NetEnt has integrated its XXXtreme mechanic into some of its classic games, such as Starburst. It’s also included in some newer titles such as Taco Fury XXXtreme and Milkshake XXXtreme. These games are easily recognizable thanks to the striking writing beneath the slot’s title on the thumbnail. It’s designed to spark curiosity in players and will most certainly appeal to people who are looking for new mechanics.

NetEnt games are ubiquitous throughout online casino markets around the world, but they are particularly prevalent on the studio’s home soil. For players interested in playing some XXXtreme titles, it’s worth checking out a few Swedish casino sites to see what offerings they have. There are numerous sites to choose from, including Mr Vegas, Momang Casino, and Happy Casino. They all have special offers for new players and are recommended thanks to top features like easy navigation.

How Else Has NetEnt Pushed the Slots Market Forward?

This isn’t the first time that NetEnt has helped with the evolution of online slots. The Swedish casino giant has been in the game since the early days in the late 1990s and has influenced many other developers in that time. It was a pioneer in introducing more immersive themes and storylines to slots, with Gonzo’s Quest as a prime example. In the era of entertainment offerings branching out into spinoffs, Gonzo’s Quest was one of the first slots to do this.

When many experts thought that virtual reality was going to blow up in 2016, NetEnt was one of the first developers to start innovating for the new technology. It came up with VR slots such as Jack’s World VR and Gonzo’s Quest VR, which displayed the potential for slots to advance in this medium.

The Megaways engine is now well-established in the slots market, and it will be hard for any other innovations to top it. However, of all the recent developments, NetEnt’s offering could be the most likely challenger to Megaways.

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