Thanks to an exclusive promotion that gave away tourney tickets, our members turned deposits into over $30,000 in real money.

If you have ever looked at one of our promotions and thought it wasn’t worth bothering because ‘stuff like that never happens to me’ – think again!

Thanks to a special promotion we had with GGPoker last month, any new member who joined the site and made their first deposit got a free $150 ticket to the GGMasters Overlay Edition. 

Amazingly our members turned that opportunity into over $30,000 in cashes during the event. 

We can’t share all the exact winners and results for data protection reasons, but many of our members kindly agreed to let us share their success in the event.

Over $30k in scores for depositing

Martinique13 from Poland turned their deposit into a $524 cash:

It was a great opportunity to start my GGPoker journey as well. I really enjoy the Honeymoon promotion and they offer great games (AoF, Spin&Gold, Battle Royale etc.). 

$524 USD cash seems like a great start. I still haven’t made decision on what to do with it, though. I would consider myself quite lucky – at least to get into money in the tournament. Keep up the good work, guys!

Also from Poland Pawel9 was able to make their first deposit become $304 after they cashed the GGMasters:

Some part of these winning goes to the bankroll and also to buy two things – a sonic tootbrash and new router. I was knocked out from the tournament with a better hand, but I can’t complain about my road to the money, my tens were destroyed pocket KK.

Pawel9 turned a deposit into $304

“I’m buying Bitcoin!

Well done to PamedF from Argentina who finished in 619th position for $1,203:

It has been very easy to deposit with my E-Wallet. I normally play cash games on another site, but I do like the software of GGPoker very much! I will use my winnings to buy some Bitcoin.

There is no thing as ‘luck’. I was card dead in Day 2 and I never hit anything when I tried stealing the blinds. But all in all – I cashed good, so everything went well looking at the whole picture.

Finally another big win, this time for Szabolcs888 who also scooped over a grand just for a deposit:

I’ve been playing Holdem and Omaha cash games ever since. I had both good luck and bad luck in the tournament. I am a bit disappointed because with a bit of luck it could have been even more. I played my standard fish game in the tourney!

Szabolcs888’s big win

Our members have been enjoying value like this for over 15 years. There is still plenty of value to be had, you just have to look for it. A great place to start is our promotions page, which is worth bookmarking, our forum and also make sure you are signed up to get our newsletters. 

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