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screenshot.629Details on one of New York City’s most exclusive poker clubs came to light last week, bringing together a group of finance insiders and entrepreneurs willing to pony up $20,000 a year for membership.

The club is located on East 58th Street and features plenty of card playing, cigar smoking, and even karaoke nights. Real estate developer Tony Park was the brains behind the club, after friends began playing poker at the Korean restaurant he owned.

Park saw the potential for an even better option and secured a room on the third floor of the building for the club. Poker nights now include lobster, steak, caviar, fine cigars, and each member has his own locker and key to the place.

“There’s a member who likes to come before work to smoke a cigar and drink coffee,” Park told the New York Post. “He lets himself in and goes upstairs.”

Poker & Camaraderie

New York has a long history of underground poker rooms, even inspiring the film Rounders. However, Park’s club goes beyond what one might think of as a typical private poker room.

Those heading to the venue will find a leather sofa, big-screen TV, liquor cart, humidor, and a karaoke machine (featuring three different languages). This primo man cave has a refined decor with an extensive ventilation system and storage for more than 5,000 bottles of wine and liquor.

Members point out that there is no rake in the poker games, meaning the group operates simply as a legal social club. There are currently 20 members, with room to grow to 32. The game boasts plenty of Wall Street financiers looking for a place to relax and play some cards.

During a game at the club, one player reflected on how much he enjoyed being part of the group and playing cards in the room.

“When I think of hospitality, I think of Tony,” he told the Post. “He’s a real estate guy who has the luxury to be good to his friends.”

For those interested in more of the New York underground poker scene, a Rounders sequel has been rumored to be in the works for several years. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck even expressed interest in the possibility in 2023.

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