Simon a former roulette dealer at the Meadows Casino in Washington, may be such a wonderful find for a gambler who dreams of cheating at the roulette table. A roulette dealer helping a player win but is this actually possible?

Simon, as he is normally addressed, is charged with conspiracy and using illegal methods to win a bet. This happened after he was caught telling his lucky number to a customer and he would try to drop it for the customer.

He tried to defend himself by saying that what he had told the customer was a standard practice that takes place in every casino.

Experts say it is impossible to manipulate roulette which raises doubts whether Simon was actually trying to help his customer win.

According to court documents, an informant recorded conversations in which Valle told his customers that he could help them win at roulette. According to the indictment, if the customers bet on the number 4 and the numbers around it, he would aim the ball in that direction. Although many dealers say they can hit a specific group of numbers, it is impossible to do so on an unmodified roulette table. The judge may now rule on this.

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