Roulette Gratis simply means free roulette. If that’s what your here for, here are the best places to play gratis roulette:

Gratis Roulette: Free Multiplayer Roulette

Chat other players live and bet on a database of real spins from real wheels. Although you don’t physically see the wheels, the sequence of spins comes from real wheels uploaded by players. The database of spins is updated every few weeks, and is never repeated to ensure nobody cheats. Start playing roulette gratis at

The multiplayer game doesn’t need you to download anything. You can play on your phone, MAC, windows PC, Android phone or iPhone. You just need to create an account so your data is saved, such as bankroll, winnings and losses. There are hundreds of active players so the server can be busy at times, but let us know if you experience any problems. You can discuss the game at the roulette system message board.

An interesting feature of the game is the leaderboard at which displays everyone’s progress. The players who are currently performing best will rank highest. The players ranking at the top changes often. The leaderboard gives you a very good idea of what happens in real casinos. There are winners, and losers. But the majority of players are losers.

It’s important to understand that any system can win in the short-term. A roulette strategy that wins long-term still exists. You could have two players using exactly the same system on different wheels. One player might be winning while the other loses. So winning or losing doesn’t mean the system works or fails. The short-term results only show results over whatever spins are played. One week a particular player may rank high. and another week, the same player may rank very poorly.

If you check the averages from all the players combined, you’ll find the average win rate is about 0.97 which is the win rate players have in real casinos. Again there are winners, and losers on multiplayer gratis roulette. But when considering everyone combined, the casino clearly wins eventually. They don’t care if some players win and some lose. They only care that most players lose. In fact casinos benefit from winning players, because they fool other players into thinking they can win too.

Gratis Roulette Simulator

Our free roulette simulator simulates a real physical roulette wheel and ball. The speeds of the wheel and ball are randomized, then the winning number is determined by a formula that simulates a real wheel. So it’s significantly different to a normal “random number generator” game. See our gratis roulette simulator game. a screenshot is shown below:

Free RNG roulette game by
Free RNG roulette game by

If you are unfamiliar with “random number generator” roulette, basically it’s a “software roulette game” like below:

RNG roulette is not a real wheel.
RNG roulette is not a real wheel.

Basically there is no real wheel. It’s just a computer animation. The winning number is determined by a “random number generator” (RNG).

Because there is no way to predict the outcome of RNG spins, the game is completely unbeatable in the long-term. Simply the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose. Playing real roulette is very different because it can be beaten with professional techniques.

WARNING: Avoid Online Roulette Gratis From Casinos

Online online casinos provide free roulette games with fun credits. Sometimes the casino dishonestly rigs the game to make you win. This is to convince you that your system works, so you will play for real money and lose. Never rely on testing a system with software provided by online casinos. If you want to test your system, I suggest one of the above-mentioned games.

The multiplayer game is more of a social game to have fun and compete against other players for free. There is no real money bet. The roulette simulator has other testing purposes. But if you intend to properly test a system, I suggest using software called “roulette xtreme”. However, testing a system for enough spins is very tedious, so proper testing requires the automatic testing feature. But to use it, you need to understand it’s custom programming language. It’s just like learning any programming language, which is too difficult for the average person.

If you find the coding too difficult, then your other option is manual testing. You still need to test a statistically significant amount of spins, which realistically is over 100,000. This may seem absurd, but even a losing system can be profitable over 1M spins with some luck.  One common argument by roulette players is that you only need a system to profit over 100 or so spins. That’s true, if you only ever play 100 spins. But imagine 10 players all using the system for 100 spins. Perhaps 4 will profit, and 6 will lose. The 4 winners think their system works, and the 6 losers see the harsh reality.

Playing On Your Mobile Phone

The multiplayer game can be played on almost any modern device. This includes your iPad, iPhone, Android, PC or MAC. It’s more a question of your screen resolution. If you are playing on a mobile phone while travelling in a car, your IP address will change as you switch cell phone towers. This may cause a disruption in the game and you’ll need to login again. But if you’re playing from a static location, you wont have a problem.

To get the best free roulette systems that really work, see the top 5 proven roulette systems and the video series below. It’s the best 100% free information for winning roulette you’ll find. It’s written by professionals who are really earning a living from roulette.

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