A new curfew introduced yesterday has already affected the WSOPE, could it lead to EPT Prague being postponed?

Yesterday we brought you the news that the WSOPE in Rozvadov had to cancel a Day 1, introduce a player cap and change the schedule due to staffing issues. Now the event is suffering further major disruptions. 

A state of emergency has been introduced in the Czech Republic following growing COVID cases that have even seen President Milos Zeman taken to hospital. Bars and clubs have a 10pm curfew, Christmas markets have been banned and there is a cap of 1,000 people at culture and sports events. Neighbours Austria and Slovakia have introduced much stricter lockdowns. 

As a result King’s Casino has introduced some changes to the WSOPE schedule, but they insist the event will carry on as planned. 

The Colossus, for example, has once again reduced the number of Day 1s taking place with only one per day. A player cap of 1,000 has been introduced (it was 500 but per Day 1, of which two happened a day). The blind levels have been speeded up and the flights start earlier, some as early as 10AM. 

EPT Prague in doubt

Will EPT Prague happen?

This is a fast moving situation and no doubt further changes will be introduced to the start times of the schedule, the blinds and possibly the guarantees.

The Main Event, for example, currently has a €5 million guarantee which might be quite lofty considering the reluctance to travel players will have following this news. 

Keep an eye this weekend on EPT Prague which is set to take place from December 9. The Czech government has put these emergency measures in place for 30 days with a review in 10 days, so it is highly likely that event will be affected. This week’s news really puts that event into doubt. 

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