How far are we off a contest?

Undoubtedly this has been a bad week also for the prime minister and the question is being asked all the time as to whether his period as PM could soon be over.

A sign of how difficult things are is that there is a focus at the moment on who would succeed him if by any chance he was forced out of decided of his own accord to call it a day. At the moment the betting markets can’t see past the Chancellor and the Foreign Secretary but I just wonder whether there is somebody there in the shadows who might emerge and end up as the next prime minister.

Maybe it is because I’m from a generation that was fully aware of the downfall of Mrs Thatcher and the eventual emergence of the then relatively unkown John Major. Is there a 2022 version of Major and who could that be?

If there is a leadership contest and the final two are Truss and Sunak then the former might just have the edge.

Mike Smithson

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