The PM who had no honeymoon

Normally the reason that parties in government change their leader is in the hope that the new person will actually improve their position in the polls. Well as the latest Ipsos poll just out shows that simply isn’t happening with Sunak

it is hard to envisage a challenge at this stage or any pressure for a replacement leader but all sorts of things can happen in politics when hundreds of government MPs can see that they might be losing their jobs at the next election.

I think Sunak suffers from the messy way that he came to be the Prime Minister. it will be recalled that he stood for the leadership when Boris Johnson quit but but was beaten by Liz Truss. She had less than 5 weeks at Number 10 and eventually called it a day opening the door for Sunak to get the job.

My view is that Sunak is suffering from the negative reaction to the budget that the Truss government announced at the end of September. It was then that the party went on the slide in the polls and since then there has been no real recovery.

Mike Smithson

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