Wes Streeting has established himself as one of LAB’a most effective communicators and the above Tweet is on the face it impressive. It all comes down to money and the solution is one that sounds plausible and also takes a poke at the PM and his family.

For non-dom status is a device used by Sunak’s wife that is said to help her to save millions of pounds in tax on dividends collected from her family’s IT business empire.

Getting his plan down to a 30 second Tweet that looks set to be re–tweeted hundreds and hundreds of times is an effective way of getting a measure out.

The Tories need a rapid rebuttal unit that can respond quickly to take the sting out of moves like this. Have they got one? I don’t know. We could get some idea in the next few hours.

I have long felt that the biggest weakness that the Tories face at the next election is that their leader is apparently so rich and doesn’t share the same life experiences as the rest of us.

Mike Smithson

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