For the past ten or so years, we have been running some of the most productive gambling forums on the Internet. Currently our most successful discussion board is our roulette forum at We have also recently created the gambling forum at As its name suggests, our roulette forum is dedicated to roulette players. Our other forum covers all the popular types of gambling, including but not limited to casino games.

Naturally, we have encountered a wide variety of players, and their systems. Suffice to say almost every gambling system loses. That doesn’t stop the occasional predictable new member, who claims to have the holy grail of gambling. Unfortunately, it’s more like rambling.

The Weekly Holy Grail

It appears every week, there is a new member that claims to have a gambling system that never loses. Our more experienced members rightfully demand proof of the claims. And most of the time, the only proof presented is a bankroll trend chart consisting of no more than one hundred game outcomes. The problem with this is anything can happen within a hundred game outcomes, whether it’s sports betting, roulette, blackjack or whatever. In fact if you test a random system over just one hundred game outcomes, especially if you use a betting progression, the chances are you will profit. But play a little longer, and the chances are you’ll lose all winnings and more.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times somebody claims to have the holy grail. Initially they appear 100% sure that their claims are accurate. And after some time, especially after other members test the method, the member with the so-called holy grail vanishes. Presumably because their claims are exposed as false, and the member would suffer embarrassment to hang around. But there are other reasons.

Often the member returns to the forum under a new account name. This is obvious because the IP address of the new account matches the old address. That’s not to say that they aren’t serial offenders, who know about IP addresses and how to change them using proxies. This at least hides the members identity for some time. But the more attentive members come to understand the person’s tell-tale signs, that reveal who they are. One example is the repeated incorrect spelling of particular words. From an admin’s perspective, the use of an IP address associated with a proxy is a dead giveaway that something is not right. Normal members do not use proxies.

Trolls Who Get Other Members To Do Testing

Testing any gambling system properly takes a lot of time. Specifically you need the test literally hundreds of thousands of game outcomes to determine the long-term result. It does no good to test only short-term results, as any system can profit in the short term.

This is why some members often claim to have the holy Grail, and offer it to other forum members to test. Naturally the eager members begin to test and use the system, and report back on the results. Effectively, the member who claimed to have the holy grail has other members do the testing for them. Over about ten years, there have been about five individuals to do this, and then predictably vanish when forum members discover the system doesn’t work. It doesn’t bother the troll, because they have achieved their objective of having a system or idea tested for them.

Unfortunately, there are many cases where the members are gullible, and continue to believe that the system has merit, long after the trickster leaves. The unsuspecting members are unaware that the trickster has probably already returned under a different username. As an experienced player myself, and a forum admin, I attempt to warn my members of the situation. But the typical response is that there is a chance I may be wrong, and that for some unknown reason I must be censoring the holy grail. In fact I never censor any such material on my forums. I always attempt to maintain the balance between free speech, but without allowing blatant nonsense. I would certainly never remove any member’s ideas, even I knew they were incorrect.

A recent article on this website explains how to properly test roulette systems. The same advice applies to any gambling games. It also helps you at least understand the basics of the game you choose. There is no excuse for not at least understanding the basics, as they are available in any language. You can even learn the rules in Swedish. See the Swedish Roulette ( board game explained.

When Forum Members Claim To Have The Holy Grail

Firstly, be skeptical. The chances are if a player had a system that never loses, they would be out using it instead of boasting about it on a forum. Perhaps ask them why they are telling you about it.

The most common reason is that they want to help people. There’s nothing wrong with helping people. But the problem is their idea of help may be a series of clues that lead nowhere. On my forums, this is called baiting, and it’s against the rules. Specifically baiting is when someone tells you about a fantastic method they have that never loses, but they only give you breadcrumbs of information to follow. A gambling forum is a place to discuss and share everything related to gambling. It is not for anyone’s personal gratification. Unfortunately you get trolls at any Internet forum. They have no consideration for other people, and find the attention rather satisfying.

When You’re Offered Secrets Via Private Messages

Usually when a member wants to tell you about their amazing winning system in private messages, it means they are trying to sell you something. My forums have a rule about private messages and selling systems. There is a specific section on my boards where system sales are permitted. But any selling must be done in public, so the more experienced members can clearly see and refute any incorrect or dubious claims by the seller. It allows open criticism, which is impossible if victims are contacted by private messages. In short, if you’re interested in purchasing a gambling system that is promoted on a forum, ask the seller questions in a place where everyone can see. This is especially the case if you are generally new to gambling. You will find that just about every gambling system for sale is a scam. That’s not to say that there aren’t genuinely effective systems you can purchase.


Don’t believe everything you read, and don’t be naive. Most people are genuinely good and try to do the right thing. But many couldn’t care less about you, or rather put themselves and their own desires ahead of what’s right or fair. If you are deceived, it’s because you allowed yourself to be deceived.

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