Our friends at the Unibet sponsored Chip Race podcast are back with hand review and this time are joined by online crusher ‘ApeStyles’.

In this hand our Hero check/raises a double backdoor draw on the flop in a multiway pot. He doesn’t get there on the river but he does hit a top pair with flush and straight blockers to go with his hand. 

He fires a very interesting 10% bet on the river which works as something of a blocker, something of a value bet that gets curiosity calls and also an inducing bet. 

In this video the guys discuss the merits of ‘double backdoor’ hands and what to do when you hit a dream card that gives you both a flush and straight draw on the turn. 

They dissect that 10% bet on the river and why it is one of ApeStyle’s favourite bet sizes, because it moves his opponent out of the game tree. 

Finally they go deep into the post flop ICM strategy of the situation and in particular ICM bet sizing, and how to balance bluffs and value. 

Unibet Summer Boot Camp

All the way up until August 14, players at Unibet can participate in a Summer Bootcamp with weekly leaderboards dishing out a total of €42,000.

To earn points and climb up the leaderboards, players need to earn special achievements in Hold’em or Omaha cash games, for instance by reaching the flop in two consecutive hands or being dealt 72.

Each leaderboard will run a whole week from Monday until the end of Sunday and two stakes are available: High (NL/PL200, NL/PL400) and Mid (NL/PL25, NL/PL50, NL/PL100) with weekly top prizes of €1,100 and €600 respectively.

Depending on the stakes played, achievements will be accounted for with a points multiplier ranging from 1 to 3. But if a player completes an achievement in NLHE, they cannot complete it in PLO the same day and vice versa.

Note: This promotion is not available for players from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, and Sweden.

The daily achievements

summer bootcamp unibet

Achievement (once per day) Points at Hold’em Points at Omaha
Reach the flop with at least 3 players 2 1
Reach the flop in 2 consecutive hands 2 1
Play a hand from the button and win or split the pot 3 3
Lose with AA on Showdown 20 8
Reach a flop which shows 3 cards of the same rank 50 25
Be dealt 72 in your starting hand 4 2
Be dealt a straight flush 1,000 300

Daily and weekly extra tasks

Additionally, there are daily and weekly tasks available to boost the personal points tally, no multiplier is applied to those though.

Achievement Repetition Points
Play at least 2 cash game tables simultaneously Daily 200
Win 3 pots in any eligible PLO cash game Daily 200
Losing week at eligible stakes, one point per €1 lost per specific week Weekly 450
Reach at least 5 cash game flops for 3 consecutive days Weekly 600
Reach at least 5 cash game flops for 7 consecutive days Weekly 1,200

Weekly Summer Bootcamp Payouts

Mid Stakes
Position Prize
1 € 600
2 € 400
3 € 300
4 € 200
5 € 150
6 € 100
7-20 € 50
21-30 € 25

High Stakes
Position Prize
1 € 1,100
2 € 800
3 € 600
4 € 350
5 € 300
6 € 200
7 € 150
8 € 125
9 € 100
10 € 75
11-20 € 50

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