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One of the largest online poker tournaments of the year is coming up in the form of the VENOM at ACRPoker and the rest of the Winning Poker Network. This massive competition guarantees a whopping $12.5 million in prizes and is set to begin April 14. But there’s a catch – it costs $2,650 to enter!

You're not too late, but time is running short if you wish to secure a $2,650 VENOM tournament entry

However, there are numerous ways to qualify and earn your seat for much less. Even if you’ve been procrastinating and have not yet secured your VENOM entry, it’s not too late. Around 350 tickets have already been awarded to lucky winners, but there still remain over 1,000 VENOM seats up for grabs.

Keep reading to find out more about the VENOM and about the many ways available for you to score a lucrative entry – before it’s too late!

Why the VENOM?

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Put simply, the VENOM is unlike any other online poker tournament you’re likely to find at the WPN – or any other internet poker site to be perfectly honest. The unique features of the Venom include:

  • Five Starting Days: a common feature of live poker but somewhat unusual online, the Venom’s multiple starting days let you choose to begin the tournament when it’s most convenient for you. Play starts at 1:05 p.m. on Sunday, April 14; Thursday, April 18; Sunday, April 21; Thursday, April 2; or Sunday, April 28. Pick whatever date works best for your schedule.
  • $2,650 Buyin: It costs a full $2,500 + $150 to join the VENOM, which is more than all except the highest of rollers can comfortably afford. Yet participation is not exclusive to just the wealthy or dedicated poker pros. Rather, a series of satellites and qualifiers exist to propel ordinary players like you into the list of VENOM registrants.
  • $12.5M Guaranteed: There’s an incredible eight figures of guaranteed prize money just in this one event. In fact, there’s so much cash at stake here that not just the winner but multiple finishers will take home a million-dollar prize.

If you’d like to find out more about this amazing tournament, you can read this page dedicated to the VENOM. Or to find out how you can win your free or cheap Venom seat, keep reading below.


Satellite Tournaments

The Winning Poker Network has deployed a suite of ways to get into Venom, a phenomenon that it has dubbed VENOM Fever. VENOM Fever began on Feb. 25 when the first Venom satellite tournament ran.

This promotion has been going on for more than a month now with hundreds of VENOM tickets already in the hands of the lucky recipients. But don’t worry because there are still many more seats to be awarded as described below.

The Beast & SnC Qualifiers

The winners of the weekly Beast and Sit & Crush leaderboards will get to play for 40 VENOM seats on April 7, another 40 on April 14, and 50 on April 21. If you wish to contend for these seats but aren’t interested in either of the leaderboards, then you can pay $95 to enter the satellite directly.

VenomFever Madness

It costs just $16.50 to join one of the multi-flight VenomFever Madness tournaments, which have flights taking place every couple of hours. Two VenomFever Madness MTTs have already concluded, but there are another two remaining, and they will pay out in the form of 15 VENOM seats apiece.

All survivors from the VenomFever Madness starting flights will gather together on April 13 to play out the second day and fight for their chance at one of 15 VENOM seats. The same thing again will happen on April 27.

MEGA Satellites

There are a couple of MEGA satellites every Saturday and Sunday from now until April 27 priced between $55 and $630. Each pays out between 10 and 60 VENOM seats to the top finishers with the higher-buyin qualifiers issuing a greater number of entries.

If the buyin amount of a MEGA is too much for your liking, then you can attempt to win your MEGA entry through a three-level system of sub-satellites. The lowest ones are priced at $0 – that’s right; they’re freerolls – so you could potentially gain your seat in a MEGA for nothing and parley it into a coveted $2,650 VENOM buyin!

118 seats have already been paid out via these MEGA qualifiers. However, there yet remain 550 to be won.

Normal Satellites

If gimmicks like multi-flight events and leaderboard prizes don’t appeal to you, then there are still avenues for you to explore. For instance, there are direct satellites to the VENOM running from now through April 28.

At this point, they’ve only been active in the ACR Poker lobby for a little more than a week. This means that the majority of the 781 tickets committed to these satellites have yet to be claimed. Try for your chance at a $2,650 Venom seat for a buyin of just $33, $55, $104.50, $109, $207.50, or $290.

First-time Depositors Satellite

Though only those who have never made a deposit at ACR can take advantage of this deal, the two first-time depositors freeroll satellites represent a valid way of securing VENOM entry. They are scheduled for April 7 (for those who deposit by April 5) and April 27 (for those who deposit from April 7 – 26). Each tourney awards the entire final table of six individuals a $2,650 VENOM entry.

Better Late Than Never

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If you don’t already have an account at ACR or one of the other WPN poker rooms, then you’re really missing out. The VENOM is just one of the reasons to play here; others include the 100% up to $2,000 initial deposit bonus, the $10 free with no deposit required when you use our ACRPoker promo code PRB10FREE, and the weekly The Beast and Sit & Crush leaderboards. Fortunately, signing up is as simple as pressing the button below and following the instructions:

To find out more about ACR first, consult this expertly written ACRPoker review. You may also be interested in partner sites on the Winning Poker Network, which are also participating in the VENOM and Venom Fever promotions: BlackChip Poker, True Poker, Ya Poker (non-US).

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