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Find more amazing blackjack and betting tips –

#1 Choose the right casino
So many lose at the very first step- picking the right place to play at. Go to a trustworthy website that offers good bonuses that you can use.

#2 Pick the variant accordingly
It is also quite important to pick a game with a lower house edge if you intend to win, and not just play.

#3 Preparation, both mental and mathematical, is key
Besides having knowledge and experience, the right mental attitude will help tremendously. Don’t be distracted- focus all your energy on the table.

#4 Strategy cards and Counting techniques
Get yourself a card- for novices, there are many online calculators that will show you the math behind the game you’ve chosen.

#5 Decide the wager amount
Knowing how much to bet is also an important question. Choosing the same amount over and over again an offered is an appropriate online tip.

#6 Demo version first, always
One last online betting tip is to start with play money first. Come to grips with all the rules and how the money can flow out or come in, before you use your bonus.

are based on clear, rock-hard math and science; with probability statistics helping you beat the system- overall, chances of winning in Blackjack is around 42%.