The odds on Donald Trump winning the crucial state of Iowa shortened to 8/131.6 after the US president’s rally there on Wednesday.

This was Trump’s third consecutive night on the campaign trail, following rallies in Florida and Pennsylvania – states he probably needs to win if he’s to be re-elected on 3 November.

So far Trump has received some support in the betting following each rally, although not enough to turn the tide of the election just yet.

Joe Biden 1/21.5 is the firm favourite to win the White House with Trump 2/13.0 (a 33% chance).

There was an unusual moment at Trump’s Iowa rally as the president said: “For me to only be up six (in Iowa), I’m a little bit concerned, I’ll tell you that.”

It is rare for Trump to admit his fears – except for when he’s making unsubstantiated claims about postal voting – so it was a surprise to see him refer to the polls.

Later he took to Twitter with an odd plea to voters in the solidly Democrat state of California. Trump said people were “fleeing” the state and asked voters there: “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?”

Both Biden and Trump are doing televised Town Hall events tonight, simultaneously on different networks. You’ll be able to get Paul Krishnamurty’s reporting and analysis as events unfold.

The first debate drove the biggest market move seen in months so, with the two candidates competing in a ratings war, this could be a big 24 hours for this election.

Meanwhile, Biden’s running-mate Kamala Harris yesterday grilled Trump’s supreme court nominee Amy Coney Barrett about her views on a variety of subjects.

Coney Barrett is a controversial pick for the court, due to her ultra-conservative views, and Democrats have said the appointment should be delayed until after the election. On the Exchange it is 1/331.03 to happen before 3 November.

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