So far during this campaign PB has spent a lot of time looking at the voting intention polls but this is the first header on what is arguably a better indicator, the leader ratings for Trump and Biden.

The RCP chart shows the gap between the net ratings that Biden is enjoying on favourability compared with those that that Trump is getting. The latest average has Trump on 54.4% unfavourable and 43.1% favourable. This compares with Biden who is getting an average 51.4% favourable and 44% unfavourable.

Last time both Trump and Clinton were in negative territory.

This basically backs up the voting polls in which currently the site 538 has Biden with a 10.5% lead and also the betting. Currently punters on Betfair rate Biden’s chances at 63% with Trump on 37%.

With two weeks to go there is no sign of a Trump recovery.

Mike Smithson

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