The former poker pro is inviting poker players to join her on Wall Street, and a lot of big names are very interested….

It surprised a lot of people when three time bracelet winner and women’s all-time money leader Vanessa Selbst quit poker to work on Wall Street. Now she is inviting poker players to do the same. 

On behalf of her employer, the investment firm Bridgewater Associates, she has invited talented poker players to join her at the trading firm. 

The story is not really that a trading firm is interested in poker crushers, that is quite well established by now. The really interesting thing is to look at who is interested in leaving poker and working as a trader. Check out who has replied to Selbst in the tweet, some of the biggest crushers in poker. 

Patrick Leonard, Chris Kruk, Mike Leah, Michael Acevedo, Daniel Zack, Nathan Gamble, Christian Harder, Andy Wilson, Randy Ohel and Jonathan Little all expressed an interest. All of them are players or content creators who seemingly are beating poker by a big margin right now (Zack literally just won WSOP Player of the Year). 

It seems quite evident that the trading world has a much higher ceiling for potential earnings than poker, but it is still surprising to see so many big names attracted to a, as Selbst calls it, ‘real job’ when many in the industry saw poker as a way to escape the 9-5. 

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