We chat with Samy89 about what makes Poker Scientist unique and how it can improve your game in a simple and efficient way.


Earlier this month we interviewed Poker Scientist founder Samy89 about the threat of RTAs, today we talk to him about how to use Poker Scientist to improve your game.

What frustrated you about other solver software which led to you making PokerScientist?

Samy89I have been playing poker for over 10 years now. I started with Nl2 and currently playing everything from Nl200 upwards. When I bought a solver, I had no clue how to learn with it. I didn’t know the relevance of correct configuration and simplification. After this learning process, it took me a few hours to configure a single spot to finally get a high-quality solution. This makes it impossible for me to learn poker efficiently. Through this, I got deeper into the world of game theory and had an idea of how to optimise GTO solutions. At the same time, I did some research for my Masters thesis in theoretical physics, and after a few talks with my professor. I decided to solve this problem and wanted to write about it. Roughly speaking, I figured out how to find an “optimal simplified GTO solution” in imperfect games like the economy or poker.

What are the most important features in Scientist that will help a new player with their game?

Samy89Having instant access to our Gameplan without doing any configurations helps players who want to keep their complete focus on their game improvement. The EV-Distribution helps mainly players who try to understand better how well specific runouts hit their range and how it is connected to the strategy they should choose.

The Runout-Cluster shows similar strategies for different runouts. It is the feature which personally lets me blow people’s minds with the highest frequency.

poker scientist
The Runout-Cluster

Players who are struggling to find their major leaks can play against the GTO Bot. Their results (measured in EV loss) are tracked and can be used to find the bottleneck of their game like “2Bet OOP BUvsBB”.

Understanding range vs range

I really like how you have condensed the different flop types into the most common ones (paired, low draw potential etc) – do you think this is the right way to think about flops? Rather than drilling down on the specifics of a single flop, thinking about flop types more broadly?

Samy89Thank you! Yes. Poker is a complex system. These systems are defined by the large number of different states where each state includes many events (in poker a state is a spot and an event is an action like “check|check.”) To understand a complex system, it is necessary to understand the principles rather than “learning” the solutions. This gives the ability to find answers to questions that you never heard before.

This intention we had for any feature in Poker Scientist. The current flop subset is a temporary state and will increase to 198 Flops, which describe all possible flops with an accuracy of over 99,9%.

I presume if somebody wanted to replicate all the different flop types in the gameplan feature in PIO, it would take a few days and lots of computing power?

Samy89As we started three years ago, I would give a pretty similar answer. Focussing on the calculation only with the same accuracy, excluding the optimal configuration and simplification algorithm, it would take a couple of months and a cost of a high six digit number for the machines which have to borrow.

One thing I really like is I think the Gameplan feature gets novices like myself thinking in terms range vs range, rather than hand vs range. From your own experience, how important is this?

Samy89Necessary to win more money than losing it. I would advise understanding the Range-EV first. Then connecting the Range-EV to different flops and how this connects to the strategy we want to choose. Seeing how our play correlates with a single parameter – the Range EV – which contains every hand’s information in your current range helps to think more in range vs. range.

Another approach is to see which kind of hands are in specific subranges. For example, you are over betting in a specific spot. Checking the hand properties of this subrange like “Flushdraw + Gutshot” or “Set+” and comparing this to other subranges like “check” helped me to decide the actions in relation to necessary hand properties.

New features are on their way

What new features are coming soon you can tell us about?

Samy89We will publish 4 features pretty soon.

New Gameplan – The current Gameplan was calculated like a public solver would do plus two additional algorithms to find the optimal configuration and simplification.

The new Gameplan calculated the whole 6max games in one step. Comparing to public solver solutions, they will be huge differences in a lot of Preflop and River situations. Understanding and playing this strategy leads to the state that the Player will get more often in high Range-EV spots compared to a general GTO solution.

Made Hand Distribution -You will have access to distribution for each action, which shows you which kind of hands you have in this range. For example, it shows you how often you overbetting a set, flush, gutshot, and so on.

poker scientist
Made Hand Distribution

Notepad – It gives you the option to write your own notes for a specific spot or discoveries you made.

Leaderboard – We create a ranking system that shows how you perform against the GTO Bot compared to other users.

10% discount for PokerStrategists

As a member of PokerStrategy.com, you’re getting a discount of 10% when buying the innovative GTO solver. Simply use our bonus code PokerStrategy and receive the discount and an upgrade to gold status at PokerStrategy.com.

When buying Poker Scientist, you can choose between three different offers:

The three Poker Scientist subscription plans
Gameplan Bundle Trainer
✔️ Access to Gameplan ✔️ Access to Gameplan ❌ Access to Gameplan
❌ Access to Trainer ✔️ Access to Trainer ✔️ Access to Trainer
❌ Link between Gameplan & Trainer ✔️ Link between Gameplan & Trainer ❌ Link between Gameplan & Trainer
✔️ All possible heads-up spots ✔️ All features of Gameplan and Trainer ✔️ All possible heads-up spots
✔️ Instant GTO solutions

✔️ Result tracking

Furthermore, you can choose between 1-month, 3-months or 12-months subscriptions that come at a reduced price the longer the timeframe. In all cases, the 10% PokerStrategy.com discount is applied on top of that when using our bonus code PokerStrategy in the checkout process.

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What is Poker Scientist?

Poker Scientist helps you understand the principles of poker as efficiently as possible.

The browser-based software gives you instant access to a GTO gameplan, containing billions of strategies for every relevant heads-up scenario. The gameplan was developed with simplification in mind, with Clustering offering a whole new way of understanding and internalising new strategies.

Poker Scientist’s gameplan is calculated using computers that are several orders of magnitude more powerful than any desktop PC. The highly accurate solutions use the optimal number of bet and raise sizings. Solutions with this accuracy are not achievable for the average solver user on their home PCs.

Through two simplifications in the form of Line Elimination and Runout Clustering, Poker Scientist managed to overcome one of the major problems other solver tools have when it comes to learning and developing your own game efficiently.

Altogether, Poker Scientist offers you a GTO game plan with an innovative approach that’s going take your poker game to a whole new level.

Check out all Poker Scientist features on our dedicated software page

poker scientist analysis interface
The analysis interface in Poker Scientist

poker scientist runouts ev comparison
Runouts EV Comparison, with runouts requiring an almost identical strategy grouped in a cluster

poker scientist clustering and simplification
Clustering and Simplification, helping you to understand the deepest principles of GTO in a simple manner

poker scientist optimum strategy clustering
Optimum Strategy Clustering, with countless strategies all grouped into a few clusters by a unique algorithm developed by the Poker Scientist team

poker scientist gamification mode
Gamification Mode against the GTO Bot, enabling you train efficiently by being aware of strengths and weaknesses in your game

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